Sarah and Ryan

how we met

Ryan and Sarah initially met in 3rd grade and then Sarah got rezoned to another elementary school. They didn’t know it but they attended the same middle school and high school until they had 4th period biology together in 10th grade. Since their last nights were both started with McC, they sat next to each other. Ryan recognized Sarah, but Sarah didn’t recognize him. The only reason he recognized her was because back in 3rd grade there was a D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness) presentation where they told us if you spoke cigarettes you will die… Well, Sarah’s dad smoked cigarettes and she was in tears and this little boy (Ryan) comforted her. Reminiscing on that embarrassing moment for Sarah they instantly became best friends. Through the rest of high school and even though the distance of college they talked every day all day.

In 2012, Ryan went to her step brothers wedding in Destin, FL and that weekend they weren’t expecting they had to drive suddenly back to Orlando because an emergency call from Sarah’s aunt came in that her Nana wasn’t doing well. All the way back, Ryan comforted Sarah as a best friend and Sarah knew then she would marry him one day. They dated unofficially for a couple years until he officially asked her out in 2014.

how they asked

Then, the day after Sarah’s college graduation he got her other best friend Christen (AKA “Biscuit”) involved to meet us at Disney Springs. Where by the water Christen surprised Sarah and videotaped Ryan getting down on one knee and asked “Sarah will you marry me?”

Of course, Sarah said yes because her best friend and the man she was head over heels for, asked her to marry him. Over joyed with her gorgeous heart diamond ring they lived happily ever after.

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