Sarah and Ryan

How We Met

Ryan and I met the way a lot of people do these days: online! I never thought that I would actually get into a real relationship with someone who I met via the internet, but when we started talking something just clicked. On our first date, we decided to meet in a town on the Hudson River, called Piermont, which is both scenic and a halfway point between his and my hometown. The night of our first date, I had clinical for grad school and of course, it ran extremely late. I ended up being over an hour late for our date and got completely lost trying to find the location he sent me (If you know me, you know I have no sense of direction, so this was no surprise).

Sarah's Proposal in Piermont Pier

Sarah and Ryan's Engagement in Piermont Pier

By the time I made it, it was pitch black dark and the only place I could find to the park was a darkened dirt-covered parking lot, where he had to come find me. We always joke that I put a lot of faith and trust in him that night since we had never met before. Because I was so late, I ruined most of Ryan’s plans, but we managed to find a pier in the town and walked up and down the tree-lined path, where you could see panoramic views of the Hudson River, the mountains, and the Tappan zee bridge. Afterward, we went to get a bite to eat at a restaurant nearby, where I finally saw him in the light for the first time. My first thought was how amazing his blue eyes were. I was so worried that he would never want to see me again after how late I was, but by the time I got home that night, I had a text from him asking for a second date. We’ve had a ton of other fun, funny, and adventurous dates together, but we never made it back to the pier where we had our first date again.

Where to Propose in Piermont Pier

How They Asked

The week of the proposal, Ryan’s mother reached out to us to ask if we were available for dinner that Friday with Ryan’s brother and sister in law. His mother suggested Piermont as the location (the town where we had our first date), and I didn’t think anything of it because it is a central location for all of us and close enough for Ryan to get there from work on time. As the date got closer, Ryan’s sister in law asked me about the location and told me that she wanted to get a picture of her and her husband (Ryan’s brother) for their wedding thank you cards, as they didn’t get one with the banner she wanted to use at their wedding. She asked if we could meet before dinner to take the picture and I agreed to help. The morning of the proposal, Ryan left for work that morning just like it was a normal day (or so I thought). As the day went on, I was completely overwhelmed. I had a crazy day at work and felt rushed to get to dinner on time to take the picture of Ryan’s brother and sister in law. As I was on my way to Piermont to meet up with them, Ryan texted me that he got out of work early and would meet us there.

None of this was out of the ordinary, as I thought we were going to dinner and Ryan didn’t want to be late for the reservation. When I got to the parking lot where his sister in law asked me to meet them, I realized that it was the same location as our first date. Some people may have gotten suspicious at that point, but I am very clueless at times and didn’t think anything of it. I started telling them about how Ryan and I had our first date there and all about how we walked up the very same pier. As we got closer to the pier, the wind started to pick up and I didn’t really want to walk all the way to the end just for a picture because of how cold it was. When I tried to take the picture at the start of the pier, Ryan suggested that we go further down for a better view. I was completely annoyed because of how cold I was and because I didn’t want to be late for our dinner reservation, but took the 10-minute walk to the end of the pier anyway. Once we got there, I started taking the pictures that his brother and sister in law wanted (or so I thought).

When we finished, Ryan pulled me to the side and said, “Doesn’t this remind you of our first date?”. At first, I didn’t realize what was happening and so I said, “Yes it does! We are late for our dinner reservation so let’s go” (I’m obviously a stickler about time). He kept me in place and said, “This is the place where it all began. I couldn’t think of a better place to start the next chapter of our lives…” Once I saw him reach for the ring, I just about lost it. I don’t really remember what happened next, but I cried a lot and eventually managed to say YES!

Ryan’s brother and sister in law got the sweetest pictures of the entire proposal. As it turns out, they had no interest in a picture on the pier, they were there to take pictures of the proposal! Afterward, we went to meet up with his parents for dinner, and when we got there, Ryan had rented out space in the restaurant where all of our family and best friends were. It was the absolute perfect day for us and I’m so happy he made it so special.