Sarah and Rodolfo Snowy Ranch Proposal

How We Met – by Sarah: Rodolfo and I met Freshman year in college at the University of Florida. We were both Fine Arts Majors so we had many classes together. One day after class I over heard Rodolfo asking a group next to mine for a ride after class. Me thinking to my very shy self, I need to meet more people than the four I know at this school of 50,000. So I interjected and said, “I can! I can take you home.” So after I dropped him off at his dorm he asked me to come in and watch a movie. I politely declined and got back into my car. I smiled to myself as I drove home and thought this kid definitely likes me now and I am perfectly OK with that. The rest is history.

how they asked – by Rodolfo: After 7 marvelous years of dating it was time to make a move. You have to show a lady you are committed or you just might lose her. Sarah grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida with a country lifestyle at heart. Riding horses, hunting, and the great outdoors was a big part of her life. I wanted to surprise her with something familiar that reminded her of her roots.

But before I could start planning everything I needed to find the ring. I went to a family owned jewelry store downtown and designed the most timeless ring I knew Sarah would love.

I invited Sarah on a surprise weekend. She didn’t know where we were going and she was just so happy to get away, just me and her. I told her is was mostly going to be a ski weekend with some nice dinners to disguise the surprise but wanted to make sure she packed the right things. As we started driving she started asking more and more question about where we were going. After a quick two hour drive we pulled up to the gates of C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado. She was familiar with the Ranch and her eyes just light up. This was the perfect location to pop the question. On our second day we took a private and romantic horseback ride to one of C Lazy U’s most scenic spots “Woodsie”. I had planned to have the ranch photographer discreetly meet us to capture the moment. Under the most perfect weather and light I declared my love and asked her to marry me. It was probably the happiest moment in my life.

The last part of the surprise was an epic video of all our friends and family congratulating her, which I had secretly put together over the previous week. This was probably the best surprise of all. She was so happy to see all her friends and family that we have not seen in a long time together on our special day. That combined with the view and some champagne which I had stashed in the saddle really put the icing on the cake!

Its only been a few months but I can tell this has been the best decision of my life.

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Photography by Molly Johnson Photography
Staff at C Lazy U Ranch