Sarah and Robert

how we met

It’s always weird answering this question because no one knows. Our moms are friends and grew up at the same church. Then they had us and we grew up at that church. We probably met in the nursery.

how they asked

We talked about getting married pretty soon after we started dating, so the fact that he would propose was not a surprise. He also knows me well enough to let me design my own ring, so the “when” wasn’t that big of a surprise either since I knew when the ring would be done. However, he made the specifics a surprise. As Robert loves to say when starting the story, “chicks love gazebos.” Robert used to live within walking distance of gazebo that overlooked the bay, and we would walk around the water all the time. On our walks I always made him stop at the gazebo because there are string lights around it that are never lit, and it was my personal mission to turn them on. I was following every strand, basically sticking forks in outlets trying to figure out how to make this gazebo light up. It was the beginning of December, so he asked if I wanted to go see the floating lights the owners put on the water during the holidays. Obviously I did. The first time we walked by the gazebo it seemed like normal. But since it was dark I couldn’t see that Robert and two of his friends had spent the day hanging battery-pack string lights all around the inside of it, with the battery packs hidden up in the ceiling. While we were on the opposite side of the bay, he signaled for his friends to come out from their hiding spots and turn on all the battery packs so that when we were walking back the gazebo was all lit up. He acted surprised and was pretending to investigate with me when I realized that the lights weren’t plugged in to any of the outlets I knew about. I had climbed about half-way up a pillar to see where the energy source was when he pulled me down and proposed. Then his friends came out of hiding again and tried to take pictures of us, but it was too dark to get anything decent.

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Yorba Linda Regional Park
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