Sarah and Phillip

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Phillip and Sarah met at Montana State University in 2013. The two started out as friends who seemed to have a lot in common and their relationship soon grew to much more. She couldn’t resist his charm and goofy personality that meshed so well with hers. The rest is history. Fast forward, two years later, Sarah graduated college with her degree in Film and went chasing after her dreams in Los Angeles. Phillip has been beyond supportive in Sarah’s passion and career since the two met, and told her they would make their relationship work while he stayed to finish his degree in Electrical Engineering. The distance was a true test in the love they had for one another. It was a long year and 9 months of phone calls, Skype dates, and flights to and from, but it was well worth it for the both of them. The two are finally together in LA, and could not be more excited to start a life together! Phillip and Sarah met in Hawaii (still while doing long distance) to visit the Big Island with Phillips family.

The couple went on a day trip excursion with Phillip’s two brothers and their girls to Pololu Valley-the black sand beach. They arrived and started the hike down the beautiful trail, catching glimpses of the bright, teal colored water. Finally they made it down to the bottom of the black sand beach and wow, it was breathtaking! Sarah had found a beautiful Hawaiian flower on the way down and was distracted, trying to put it in her hair, totally oblivious. Meanwhile, Phillip is orchestrating the proposal of a lifetime. He put the drone in the air, gave one brother the controller and the other brother his DSLR. Phillip grabbed Sarah by the hand and walked her out towards the water, talking about the first time they met. The romantic gesture soon was clear when he got down on one knee and popped the question. How could anyone say no to that?! The two can’t wait to be married this August!

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