Sarah and Patrick


How We Met

Patrick and I went to the same high school and are high school sweethearts. He transferred to our school in our Sophomore year of high school. We first met when I hosted a pre-Sadie Hawkins dance dinner at my house that year (in 2008!). A mutual friend brought him.


At the time I never thought I had just met the love of my life. Looking back, it seems like fate brought us together that day. We have pictures together from that dance (I’m in a truly hideous dress), and we actually sat next to each other at that dinner! We didn’t start to like each other or really even hang out much until our senior year.


That year, we ended up going on several double dates because our significant others were good friends. We both realized that we were interested in each other, and once we were both single, Patrick asked me out at a party.

The next day, we went to the park and watched a Harry Potter movie; the rest is history. We’ve been together for over five years now! We have some seriously awkward prom pictures, and even dated long distance in college. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

how they asked

I am in grad school, but came back to my parent’s home the weekend Patrick proposed. (He lives near where they live.) I thought I was just coming home to study, hang out with my roommate (who came with me for a weekend away from school), and to hike. I didn’t even bring make-up or a top that wasn’t a T-shirt!

Patrick stopped by the night before, when I had a few other friends over. He mentioned hiking the next day. He told me we might go out for dinner after, so to wear some nicer clothes. That was my first clue: never in my life has Patrick ever told me what to wear on a date.

We had been talking about getting engaged and had gone and looked at rings before, so I realized that tomorrow may be the day.  I frantically tried to pick out an outfit. I ended up wearing my Mom’s make-up, my sister’s scarf, and my roommate’s jacket!

The day of our engagement, Patrick came and picked me up. He took me to a nearby bakery and we got coffee and cookies. There, Patrick spoke about the past five years together, and about how much we had grown together.

Next, we headed to Sawnee Mountain Preserve to hike up a mountain to see the sunset. On the way there, Patrick got a text. It turned out this text was from our photographer saying he’d be a little late. Our photographer is a friend, so Patrick was worried that I’d see him on the hike up and be tipped off.

In an attempt to improvise, he asked if I’d like to stop and get a glass of wine. I’m always down for wine, so I said “Of course!” He told me to look out for a place that would serve wine on the way. The Sawnee Mountain Preserve is in rural Georgia, so there were limited options.

I saw a place with the words “bar and grill” in the title, and we pulled over. Once in the restaurant, I realized it was a Mexican restaurant, rather than a wine bar. The waitress brought us chips and salsa. Patrick ordered us Margaritas.

I am so glad he ordered the Margaritas. First off, I am a huge Marg fan. Secondly, and more importantly, it totally threw me off. I had been suspicious since the day before. Once we were eating chips and salsa with Margaritas I thought I was  not getting engaged that day.

I figured we’d never take a spontaneous stop on route to our engagement. I even texted my sister and roommate and told them it had been a false alarm! Once we finished our drinks, we continued on our way. We hiked up to the peak and made it just in time to catch the beautiful sunset view. There, Patrick asked me to be his wife.



It was absolutely perfect, and I was genuinely surprised!


Special Thanks

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