Sarah and Patrick

Sarah's Proposal in Isa's French Bistro, Asheville North Carolina

How We Met

Patrick and I actually both went to A.C Reynolds high school (but at different times) and we met through mutual friends. I will never forget the first night I met him in 2010, I snuck out of my house with a friend to go to a party (sorry mom and dad), and he was at the same party. He was the “cool jock” and I thought he was cute, so I introduced myself while he was watching football (shocker) and he didn’t even look at me and just said “hey” and threw his hand up unimpressed with me (LOL HE DENIES THIS BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET IT). I was unable to catch his attention then…but fast forward to 2013 and he texted a mutual friend of ours asking for my number and when he asked me out the first time, I said no because I was “busy” and I would have to check my “busy schedule” (another lol). Fall 2013 rolled around and we had the same friend group at Appalachian State and we were hanging out all the time. We started out as great friends and I could talk to him about anything. One day it finally hit me that he was my perfect match and I guess he figured the same. He told me on thanksgiving night that he thought we would be good for each other and that he liked me (hehe), I of course pretended again that I didn’t know what he was talking about and I finally came around a couple days later. I loved watching him play football every Saturday at the rock and I would lure him to my apartment after the games with cookies, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, ANYTHING to get him to come over to hang out with me!…And I’m happy to say it worked and we have been a couple ever since!

how they asked

I just want to start by saying that the FBI should basically hire me because I am the best detective, snoop, or whatever you want to call it. I am so good at figuring out everything and knowing when people are lying, so it is VERY hard to surprise me. I have always thought I would get engaged on Christmas, and this year I had a feeling I would open a small box on Christmas ring and that we would be engaged. Patrick had a different plan (that I knew nothing about).

My friend, Kelsey, just graduated nursing school and we had planned for her, Cody, Patrick and me to all go out to a nice dinner together to celebrate since I missed her pinning ceremony. I worked the day we were supposed to go to Asheville for dinner so Patrick and Kelsey were rushing me to hurry up because we had a Christmas party to go to and we would have to leave it early because Cody made a dinner reservation for us at Isa’s French Bistro, downtown. We got home from the Christmas party and Patrick was dressed in a brand new suit and I HAD NOTHING CUTE TO WEAR, I had no idea we were supposed to be that dressy! I started to question it, and Kelsey reminded me that Patrick loves to dress up and that it was nothing.

We got to the restaurant and we walked downstairs to a completely empty wine cellar room with a table set for us (I was so impressed with Cody at the time). We ordered WAY too much food and way too many drinks and then we ordered dessert. That’s when Kelsey and Cody got up to take a “phone call”. Patrick looked at me straight in the face and said, “What if I told you this wasn’t for Kelsey and that I rented out this private room” and I said “okay?” and he then went on to say “I have to ask you something”…still being oblivious, I said “Okay…like what?”. He got up from his seat and started to pull the box from his jacket and I knew then. I put my face in my hands and started ugly crying and I don’t really remember anything else from there except a few sweet words and a long hug followed by a SECOND surprise! Patrick invited my best friends to celebrate with us! I was overcome with happiness and emotion that I almost got sick. My friends all say they heard me keep saying “I think I’m going to throw up!” from their hiding place. The thought and planning that went into this entire proposal means so much to me and I love my future HUBBY and friends so much! I can’t wait to be Mrs. Blalock!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Isa's French Bistro, Asheville North Carolina