Sarah and Parker

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How We Met

Parker and I met when we were just little kids. His sister, Bailey, was and is a close friend of mine…but at the time I had yet to meet her brother. One day while playing at a mutual friends house, the conversation had turned to talking about our crushes. Blushing and giggling in a way only little girls do, Bailey paused and said “Sarah, you need to meet my brother…” I just smiled, really?…okay.” Then back to goofing around I went, truly thinking nothing of it.
The day finally came & I met Parker. I was as giddy as a girl could get, butterflies filled my stomach as my outgoing self quickly became shy. A short time later, Parker asked if I would be his girlfriend. After running to the side of the trampoline where I was jumping, he got his answer as I flipped and blew a bubble in his face, YES!

We have come a long way since our twelve year old selves. Breaking up our freshman year of college turned our worlds upside down. As I was at the University of Florida and he was at the University of Alabama, we spent three years apart. We were all one another had ever known. Going in and out of different relationships Parker was all I could ever think about. Despite my efforts/no matter how hard I tried, I became aware that my heart has always & will always belong to Parker.

Today we stand together, thankful that while our minds began to wonder our hearts never did. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but that’s the beauty of it all. Now we are stronger, more in love & appreciative than ever before. Love is a funny thing

how they asked

Parker proposed to me on Folly beach in Charleston, South Carolina. Knowing that Charleston is a favorite of mine we have taken many trips there before, so when he told me that we were going to go to Charleston I thought nothing of it. Once we arrived I noticed that we took a different turn. “Ummm Parker, where are we going.” He told me that he wanted to take me somewhere we have never been. That he had made reservations at a restaurant at the beach, but we had some time to waste. As he did his best to keep his cover, my heart sunk and I thought I knew exactly what was about to go down. To keep myself from being disappointed (or to be more honest, completely freaking out) I told myself that there was no way. No way has he asked my father yet….

When we arrived at the beach we began to walk. Past the rocks, over what remains of a pier, we made our way towards the lighthouse.

After what felt like the longest walk of my life we arrived at one of the most breathtaking spots. Shells were laid out in the shape of a heart when Parker dropped to one knee. In my favorite city, at my favorite place, my favorite man asked me to be his wife.

To have and to hold. My most favorite and forever love.

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