Sarah and Nikolas

Sarah's Proposal in Maui

How We Met

Nik and I met in 2004 in school, when we were just little, we actually “dated” at this point in grade 5/6 but hardly spoke to each other. We would get in trouble for kissing in the hallways and this only lasted a short while. We went our separate ways through high school but as fate would have it, our mutual friends ended up living right next door to my brother, and eventually me! Just after finishing university me and Nik rekindled a friendship and ended up always hanging out together with our friends. It did not take long at all for us to fall in love, and start making out in hallways again.

How They Asked

This last December Nik and I went to Maui ( a very special place for both of us growing up ) with my parents for a week-long vacation. The second day being there I didn’t know it but Nik had big plans that both my parents were involved in as well! My mom told me she wanted some family pictures before dinner, and my dad said to dress nice. Nik was being kind of weird all day but I thought there was just something going on back home! At sunset, we met my parents down at the beach, where we had so many family memories and now our own memories.

We took some photos with my parents and when it was just Nik and me in the shot he started telling me how much he loves me and pulled out a ring (he actually struggled to get the huge box out of his pocket for quite a while haha) and asked me if I would marry him. I said “of course” through a whole lot of tears, and it was hands down the best vacation ever!

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