Sarah and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met two years ago when I started working at a new restaurant as a waitress temporarily while I was searching for a job to jump start my career. Nick had started working there a month prior as a part time job on weekends. When I first started, I actually thought he disliked me because he kept to himself and didn’t really acknowledge me much, until one night and a couple drinks. He messaged me on Facebook and when he found out I wasn’t seeing anybody he immediately asked me out on a date. We went out a few days later, and immediately we were both hooked. It sounded crazy when I said it that out loud, but it felt so right! We were inseparable from that day, and he officially asked me to be his girlfriend two months later on Valentine’s Day (the hopeless romantic that he is).

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how they asked

With holiday anticipation starting to kick in, Nick and I planned a weekend trip to Nick’s hometown in Maine to celebrate his upcoming birthday, and to see Nick’s family before the holidays, since Nick was planning on staying with my family for the holidays. For weeks we were planning this trip, and I was just about going crazy because Nick wanted to plan the weekend without my interjection, and actually surprised me by telling me when we went to Maine he was trading in his car to buy a new one. Being the planner/know-it-all that I am, I wanted everything planned down to the minute so the trip would go smoothly. So, on the Saturday that we were leaving, I woke up and went to the gym as planned to get one last workout in before a weekend away. When I came back however, Nick was gone, and so was the dog. Confused, I walked into our kitchen to find a beautiful burlap gift box with a big green bow on top, and a tag on it that said “Maine” waiting for me on the counter. I opened the box to find a rolled up scroll. This note informed me that I was to shower, relax, and be ready and waiting outside with my bags at noon. I followed my instructions, and as I walked out the door at noon, there was a town car waiting for me in the driveway. The driver loaded my bags into the car and I climbed in, with no clue where I was going. About 20 minutes later, the car took a familiar turn and we approached the very restaurant that Nick and I worked at when we met. As we got closer, I noticed someone was standing by the restaurant entrance with a single balloon. As we pulled up, I realized this person was my best friend from my childhood, and she was holding another box, identical to the one I had found in my kitchen! I got out and hugged her, happy but confused. She handed me the box, and I opened it to find another scroll. This scroll had a beautiful letter from Nick, talking about another location close to his heart and special to our relationship, as well as photos of Nick and I when we went there together. The scroll informed me that I was to get back in the car, and head to that location next. And so, an hour later (traffic, traffic….) the car pulled up in front of Fenway Park, and standing there on the corner of Yawkey Way with a box and a balloon was my roommate, and best friend, from college. She gave me my next box with my next letter, set of clues, and photos, which led me to the Prudential Center. There, I went up to the Top of the Hub where Nick and I had a wonderful Father’s Day with my father only months before. Waiting at the bar with another balloon and box, were my two oldest, and closest cousins. My cousins presented me with a box which led me to one of Nick and I’s favorite places to go when we visit Boston; Newbury Street and Boston Common. Here, I found my four younger cousins awaiting my arrival. This time, the box described many events and amazing memories Nick and I had made together at TD Garden. So, back into the car I went, and on to the Garden. Here, I discovered my Aunt and Uncle, who are also my Godparents, and very important to me. Here, I received a box that guided me to Nick and I’s favorite place to eat in Boston; none other than the famous Italian North End. As we turned the corner here, I spotted my Mom and Dad at my favorite bakery, Modern Pastry. As I approached them my Mom was holding back tears as she hugged me and handed me my next box. I began to get anxious with excitement and anticipation, wondering when I would finally see Nick. However, as I made my way to the next stop, the New England Aquarium, I saw my younger sister, home from college in Vermont. As I hugged her, happy to see her for the first time since August, I heard another voice say “Hi Sarah” and turned to see my baby brother, who I thought was at school in Pennsylvania, yet there he was. Through tears I read my final clue, which told me to go to our favorite, and the most beautiful view of Boston. Without hesitation I told the driver we were going to Boston Harbor. Sure enough, at the end of a narrow street I saw a bunch of big green balloons, and Nick waiting for me. Finally, after almost 7 hours, 8 stops and 14 friends and family members, I had reached Nick. I nervously climbed out of the car and Nick took my hand and led me down the sidewalk, to the brick path that runs along the harbor. The sun was just starting to go down, the sky was clear and the buildings of Boston were bold against the sky. He stopped and turned to me. Taking my hands, he began telling me how amazing each day is that we spend together, and how lucky we were to have found love in such an unexpected place, and that he wanted to spend every day for the rest of his life with me. He dropped down on one knee, against the stunning Boston skyline, pulled the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him! After a few minutes we began walking farther down the path, and I assumed he was walking me back to a car which would take us home. As we reached the end of the walkway however applause and cheering erupted, and to my left was everyone who had presented a box to me that day, along with 30-40 other friends and family members of Nick and I. We all enjoyed a toast, and celebrated the engagement of Nick and I for the rest of the night. We were never going to Maine, and Nick was never getting a new car, but what I got was far better, and he knew enough to distract me with fake plans, so that I wouldn’t start asking questions, and uncover the real plan. In the end, that day was better than any weekend getaway or new car, and I’m still amazed at all the care, attention to detail, and time (over 6 months!) Nick and so many other people put into making sure that day was as memorable as it was.

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