Sarah and Nick

How We Met

We met in college. We were in the same major and had some classes together, but actually didn’t even speak to each other until Junior Year. I was going through a rough time and my roommate insisted that I go to this party. Nick and a friend were there and we all started talking. Turned out Nick was going through something similar so we talked all night. When my friend and I left the party she said she could see Nick and I together. I said no way, he just a friend, but here we are, 6 years later, engaged to be married!!!

Sarah and Nick's Engagement in Disney Dream at Sea

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How They Asked

Nick and I are long distance; he works in Florida and I work in Philadelphia. Nick and I were on the Disney Dream cruising to the Bahamas and it was the first time we had seen each other in almost a month. I didn’t think anything would happen as there was no mention of anything prior to the trip. On the second day (day of the proposal), Nick acted completely normal so I had no idea it was coming! He insisted we meet Mickey before our fancy dinner, since he would be dressed up in his captain attire. As we were waiting in line, I pulled out my phone and started taking selfies of us. He asked if we could use my phone for the pictures so I handed my phone to him.

When it was our turn, he passed my phone off to the cast member as I went to go great Mickey. I started talking to Mickey as if everything was fine when Mickey started to pull away and looked behind me. I turned around and Nick was on one knee. I immediately started crying and shaking. Everyone around us was cheering and clapping. I was so surprised and filled with emotion, I could barely talked. When he asked me to marry him, I could only nod my head yes, as when I tried to speak, nothing came out. It was perfect and I cry every time I was the video.

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