Sarah and Neftali

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How We Met

We met when I was a senior in high school. We danced together at a graduation party. Throughout the summer we ran into each other several times through mutual friends. What started out as casual dating, transformed over the years into a once-in-a-lifetime love story.

how they asked

After being together for 10 years, we knew we were ready to get married. We even reserved a date at a venue before we were engaged since we didn’t want to wait a year for next summer! With everything out in the open, I never expected him to be able to surprise me (he’s never been able to keep a secret from me). One Saturday morning, he picked me up at 4am for a magical hot air balloon ride over Napa valley at sunrise. This was the way we both dreamed of becoming engaged – even though we had never discussed it. I knew when he ordered my ring, and asked my father. I also knew he had been waiting awhile for it to arrive. Come to find out he was using his transparency as a tool for this surprise! He had me convinced that the ring didnt arrive in time for our special date. Either way, we enjoyed a wonderful balloon ride with 15 other people, followed by a wonderful brunch at Domain Chandon. That afternoon, we headed back home. He suggested a quick stop at “the hill”. This was a hill that looked out over the city, where we went for our first date, and many times since. Thinking nothing of it, we went up to take a picture with the view. Up there, with no one else in sight, he surprised me for the first time in our decade-long relationship. Feeling on top of the world, and like no one else in the world existed, he asked me to be his wife. I was in such shock, and so incredibly happy that my best friend pulled off the proposal of my dreams with the ring of my dreams!

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