Sarah and Nathan

How We Met

I met Nathan one morning before church. My best friend invited me to her youth leaders meeting, and I sat in and joined in on the fun until a handsome young man walked in the room. It was an exciting time for our church since we were in the process of constructing a new building, so the youth pastor loaded us in a van and drove us a few miles down the road to have a walk under the frame of the new church. Nathan stuck close to me and was asking me every question, but I didn’t really catch on that he was into me at first! He sat next to me on the way to the building and back, as well as walking next to me while we toured the new church grounds. Everyone in the van thought he was being so obvious in his interest except for me and him, which makes it even funnier! Soon after church, he found me and asked me to coffee and the rest is history.

How They Asked

First off, I thought he was out of town since he told me the day before that he had to cancel his plans and drive 3 hours to his dad’s house for the weekend because his dog was super sick and might die. I was really sad at first since he was my weekend plans, but quickly looked forward to my friend’s (Brooke) birthday outing we had planned on Saturday, the 4th. The time came to get ready and everyone was dressing up, so I put on my favorite pink skirt and we headed out to get coffee and get our nails done in celebration of what I thought was my friend’s birthday. After our nails were beautifully done, we load up to go to dinner, but my best friend (Grace) tells me we have a ‘secret location that Brooke and I cannot know about because it’s a birthday surprise for both of you’, and I know I am terrible at keeping secrets, so I went along with being blindfolded while we were driven to the secret location, but not without a fight haha. Soon enough though, we arrived at the undisclosed location and Grace (best friend) and Shaina (friend) get out of the car while leaving Brooke and me blindfolded in the car (APPARENTLY Brooke wasn’t blindfolded at this point, but obviously couldn’t see lol).

Where to Propose in Dallas, Texas

Sarah's Proposal in Dallas, Texas

Then Brooke gets out of the car and I am just thinking about how Grace is probably going to kill me or let me get kidnapped or something when Brooke opens my car door and leads me blindfolded to a spot where she takes it off. She then reads me a heartfelt letter about how wonderful it had been to get to know me and how she will miss me when she moves to England this summer, which I thought was super sweet and not weird at all for some reason even though there were rose petals on the ground? I don’t understand why I didn’t catch on… but we’ll get to that part. Then I follow the rose petals and come upon Shaina, and her letter is a little more marriage-focused and about Nathan and me, but I still didn’t really think it was anything.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas, Texas

I continued down the trail laden with rose petals to discover Alex (Nathan’s Best Friend) and his Fiancee, Ashley, standing and smiling and then I finally figured out that he was proposing. They read me letters and I continued down the path to find my brother with his wife, and Grace at the end of the trail with sweet tears rolling down her cheeks. I hugged her, turned one last corner, and see Nathan at the edge of an overlook playing guitar and surrounded by roses and candles. He told me to sit on the bench and to read the final letter, and stand with him once it was done. He sang me the last verse “What Have We Found Ourselves In” by Jess Ray which says:

Maybe in one hundred years, one million laughs, one million tears
We will have a clearer view this wasn’t about me and you
See, this was written long before and carries on after we’re gone
This story that we found ourselves in, what have we found ourselves in?

Sarah and Nathan's Engagement in Dallas, Texas

He put his guitar down, held my hands, and said that he wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else and that he loves me, and that he has a question to ask me. He kneeled down on one knee and asked: “Will you marry me?” I could not talk no matter how hard I tried! All I could do was nod and smile, and I hope I actually said yes, but then he put the ring on my finger and held me tightly for a minute.

I cannot believe I get to marry the man of my dreams.

Special Thanks

Cassie Eggen
 | Photographer
 | Planning
Jordan Wheat
 | Videographer