Sarah and Nate

How We Met

We met in November of 2016. We would see each other at the gym quite frequently. I would always sneak at peak at him in between sets. One night, in early December, I received a Facebook message from Nate shortly after he got his Bernese puppy, Rocco. He had gotten word that I had broken up with my boyfriend and wasted no time reaching out and introducing himself. We hangout a few times prior to me asking Nate and Rocco to my family Christmas hike. It didn’t take me much longer than 2 weeks before I knew he was the one.

How They Asked

December 1st we drove to Homestead Farm in Walpole, NH to pick out a Christmas tree. I asked Nate if I could get a hot apple cider when we first got there and he said “not right now.” I thought to myself, “why not, why does it matter? I guess I’ll wait till we pick out our tree.” So we keep walking (dogs are with us) and I see a big open field. I say to Nate as the dogs are pulling us with excitment “we should let them off the leashes so they can run around and get some energy out.” Again, Nate responds “not right now.” So I say “WHY NOT, you are so grumpy.” And he said back “lets just pick out the tree first, then we can.” Not understanding the urgency of picking out the tree, I just agree and go with his plan. We keep walking straight until he says “let’s go this way” and points to the right. I turn and notice letters N & S laying in the tree. Not just any letters though, the ones we bought on our first vacation together and painted on a rainy Sunday. My first thought was that he had come earlier in the week and picked out that specific tree. As I got closer, I also saw an ornament on that tree. Thinking that was really weird, I walked over and to it and said Oh My God someone is getting married!!! And turned around to see that Nate was getting down on one knee and I was that someone going to get married!! I looked at Nate for a long few seconds still in shock and said “are you f*cking joking?!” when we asked me to marry him. After I helped him put the ring on my finger (because he was so shaky), I looked around and saw ninjas (Kris and Jen) jumping out from behind the trees capturing the most special moment of my life thus far.

Special Thanks

K. Lenox Photography LLC
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Homestead Farms
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BP by Bethany
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