Sarah and Mitchell

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How We Met

Sarah’s Perspective: Mitch and I met in pharmacy school at the University of Waterloo in 2010. When I heard Mitchell was from northern Ontario, I was curious. That was one of my favourite places to explore, as I LOVE hiking and canoeing. Mitch never thought a girl from southwestern Ontario would be the one for him, but he was wrong. Mitch started hinting he was interested in me at the end of first year. He would leave little Post-it notes on my desk to help cheer me up when I was down, and we spent many hours of our first co-op talking on the phone.

It wasn’t until second year when Mitch finally asked me out after the OPA Cup, which is a annual pharmacy hockey game between University of Waterloo and Toronto. Mitch was the star goalie of the night, and I made it pretty clear I was interested in him by talking to him all night. Mitch took me to Charcoal Kitchen for our first date, which was very delicious and I ordered Oxford County prime rib (perfection!).

Four years later, we have moved in together, started our careers, and got a dog. We are now planning the big day in 2017!

how they asked

Mitchell’s Perspective: I had been planning the proposal for months, and pretty much everyone except Sarah knew. I asked Sarah’s parents in March, and finally proposed in August. Sarah and I were planning a trip to Clearwater Beach, Florida, where my parents own a condo. My family have been going to Clearwater for years, and Sarah starting coming a long too. I knew it was the perfect place to ask.

On a warm summer’s night in Florida, I asked Sarah to go on a walk on the beach at sunset to Pier 60. Every night on the Pier there is a mini-festival which includes street performers, bands and various arts and crafts vendors. Recently Sarah and I moved in to a new place in Thunder Bay, and I suggested it would be a “great idea” to get some artwork for us put on the wall. So we decided to get our caricatures done by a local artist. Little did Sarah know that I was plotting something the whole time.

As the artist carefully sketched out our portrait, a small crowed began to gather. She might have suspected something at this point, as I was sweating buckets in the 90 degree heat and the nerves of the proposal were starting to get to me. As the artist turned around the drawing, Sarah was surprised to see it not only had our portrait but it also said, “will you marry me?”. After a bit of shaking and crying, Sarah said “yes!” and slid on the beautiful engagement ring I had spent months customizing for her.

I couldn’t have been happier that my months of planning had worked out so well, and I get to marry the girl of my dreams. We immediately celebrated over a beer before heading back to the Condo (I needed to relax my nerves). My parents had arranged an engagement party with all of our Clearwater friends. Clearwater Beach has always been a special place, and now it is the unforgettable place and memory of our engagement.

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Special Thanks

Alexa Phantham
 | Photographer
Rodger Rosset
 | Ring Design