Sarah and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in college while he was studying to be a pharmacist and I was studying to be a PA. We were placed in the same group project freshman year, so we knew of each other and had exchanged phone numbers for that reason (this becomes important later on). That summer, Mike grabbed lunch with his friend after golf one day, and their discussion just happened to bring me up! He told his friend that if there was any girl he could date, it would be me. Fast forward to sophomore year of school and a lot had changed. I saw him out one night and was gushing to all my friends how cute I thought Mike Beyer was and we all agreed I should text him (though most of my friends didn’t know him at the time!) So, because I had his number from being partners in that group project freshman year, I texted him the oh so though out and elegantly written text message: “Heyyyyy” To which he responded “Hey celebrity” (that’s a story for another time, but super clever on his part) and the rest is history!

how they asked

A few months ago, Michael asked if I wanted to tag along to a conference with him in Naples, Fl. He is a pharmacy resident and told me he was asked to give a presentation. Generally, all expenses are paid when traveling for conferences, so of course, I said yes! I told everyone how excited I was to hear Mike present and spend 5 whole days in a row with him (we’ve been long distance for a year while he is completing his residency). He told me not to worry about any of the details because he had everything planned. So I showed up at the airport, and we checked our bags. Right before we went through security, he was shuffling through his backpack and pulled out a pink Disney band!! “Surprise! We’re going to Disney!” He said. I was SHOCKED!

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The whole entire conference was completely made up, and Michael had planned a long weekend trip to Disney World (my FAVORITE place that I had been DYING to visit with him). You could say I was like a little kid on Christmas. At this point, my friends were suspicious but Mike had let on no clues that he had looked at rings or was even thinking about proposing yet. My sister didn’t know anything about it, so I was convinced this was just an end of residency celebration. Friday evening, he had planned for us to go on a sparkling dessert cruise overlooking the Magic Kingdom fireworks. I was excited, to say the least, but little did I know what else the night would hold. We had to take a ferry boat from the Magic Kingdom over to where we would board our cruise. Mike was saying how we needed a picture of the sunset, so a couple took our picture and we got off the boat.

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We were super early and there wasn’t much to do over there except wait. Mike kept harping on the fact that the picture wasn’t good and we REALLY needed one with the sunset, so I suggested we ride the ferry boat back and forth again since we had time. Again, someone took our photo and again, Mike just was not happy with the photo. At this point, the captain of the boat was laughing at us for riding so many times, and Mike was pacing back and forth. He scoped out a gentleman on the other side of the boat, pointed at him and said “That’s the guy that’s going to take our photo.” As we started to pose, Mike finally found the perfect moment to get down on one knee, and of course I said YES and melted into his arms. Everyone on the boat was clapping and cheering and the captain called us over to congratulate us.

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We got to enjoy the rest of the most beautiful night eating dessert and drinking champagne while laughing and talking about how he pulled this off so perfectly, admiring the GORGEOUS ring that he had researched and ordered all on his own, and planning how we would share the amazing news (though my parents already knew since Mike had asked 2 weeks earlier.) The night ended with fireworks over the castle relaxing in the arms of my best friend, fiancé, and man of my dreams.

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