Sarah and Matthew

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How We Met

I’ve known Matthew basically all my life. He’s my closest cousins best friend so he was always around when I was a kid. I always saw him as that annoying little boy who played with Gerard (my cousin) and annoyed Jemima (my cousin) and I. He was really smart and a fussy eater so it annoyed me! Then flash forward some years and Gerard brought Matthew to one of our family things. I’m not 19, him 17. We were watching the Australian Open Tennis final for the women and something just clicked! We exchanged emails at the end of the nights and emailed each other every day from the January to the July. It got to the point we would text the other to say check you emailed I just emailed you. We had texted messaged, calls and emails for a while too! Then we would hang out as friends for ages, until one day not long after my 20th birthday Matt kissed me out of nowhere. That started the next something and we became a couple. I went with him to his year 12 formal as his date. It was really exciting! I found the man I love! After not even 2 weeks of being together we told me each other we loved each other.

how they asked

So I’d been nagging Matt for a while about asking me. More so because I loved his cranky face reaction! Anyway, he told me we were going for a hike in the Blue Mountains, something we’ve done heaps of times. He had his go pro on his head which I told him he looked like an idiot with but he just smiled. He told me he wanted to try it out before he used it on his New Zealand trip. So we start hiking and he’s got his go pro on his head.

We get to the first waterfall where we always stop for a photo when we do this track and I ask his he wants one. He says no so I just look out over the view. I hear him say “Sarah” and I turn and look to see him on one knee with a diamond ring in his fingers. Instantly my heart skips and I throw my hand over my mouth in shock saying, “you’re joking right?” It was really happening! I couldn’t believe it! My heart was pounding so hard and the whole world went fuzzy! He said “You’re my world. I want you to spend the rest of my life with me. Will you? Will you marry me?” I can’t remember if I said yes or just nodded and cried. I was a blubbering, happy messy. He slid my ring on my hand, which he had designed and had specially made for me. I collapsed into his arms crying, almost knocking the go pro off his head with my hat!

I didn’t expect it at all! I hadn’t washed my hair in 3 days, I had my glasses in which I hate being in photos and I had it makeup what’s so ever! But that’s how he loves me and he wanted it to be real not put on or fake and that’s what we got! Romantic, surprising and so so special!

And I can watch the moment over and over again because he got it all on his go pro! I take back the idiot statement… he’s a romantic idiot!

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