Sarah and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met back in college when we were just 19yrs old! We had a common friend together and we were celebrating his birthday. It was September 24, 2010. We instantly started talking that night, his smile was contagious! I thought I would never see him again because at the time we went to different colleges. When he went back home that weekend and his dad asked how was his trip, he quickly replied: “Dad, I met my future wife.” Luckily, our friendship grew strong over the next 8 months as he would visit me and his friends on the weekends until finally on May 19, 2011, we had our first kiss. Matt planned on transferring to my college that summer so after that, the rest is history! He’s been my best friend since the moment we met!

Sarah's Proposal in On the top of Mt Bachelor in Oregon

Proposal Ideas On the top of Mt Bachelor in Oregon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On the top of Mt Bachelor in Oregon

how they asked

April 29th, 2017. It was a perfect bluebird day on Mt Bachelor. We had our friends visiting us from Portland so we all wanted to make Saturday an epic day on the mountain. We gathered our Bend crew and all headed up to Mt Bachelor. On the lift, we all decided to do a group photo at one of our favorite lookout spots before the day started. Some photos were taken and Matt mentioned he wanted a photo of just the two of us. Moments later, Matt proposed!

And of course, I SAID YES! It was the happiest day of our lives! We followed that up with a perfect celebration that included champagne & a BBQ on the mountain with 7 of our best friends! We are incredibly happy to share this special moment with some of our favorite people! It’s a memory we will cherish forever!