Sarah and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I both lived in the same tiny, rural town. Two stoplights, one main gas station, one supermarket, and traffic jams caused by hay wagons and tractors. Matt would deliver hay to my horse farm with his friends and I would be to shy to hang around and I would end up riding off on one of my horses.

I decided to invite Matt to my birthday party that I was having at the farm, (after being forced by my friends because I was to shy). To my surprise, he came. We were glued to each other the whole night, laughing and playing games and dancing in the kitchen.

From that day on, Matt and I have spent every day together for the last 3 years.

It will forever be my best birthday.

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how they asked

I had been begging Matt to go apple picking and pumpkin picking since we started talking. He finally agreed so I called my photographer friend Jeremy to come and meet us and take photos of us to hang in our house. Our house needed a serious revamping and I thought it was the perfect time because I love the fall.

Little did I know that Matt had called Jeremy weeks before and had already planned on having him photograph our day out. Jeremy took a ton of photos at the Orchard and suggested going to another location for photos, I didn’t like the other location so they both insisted that we go back to the Orchard for more photos. I thought nothing of it, so we snuck up to the back where they make cider and no one was up there besides us.

As Jeremy distracted me with trying a different pose, Matt was getting down on one knee. Neither of us remember what he said, but we remember the joy and the many tears of happiness.

I’m so grateful I got such an amazing, selfless man that adores me,

& my blessings don’t end there…

Shortly after we were blessed with our little boy Grayson.

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Special Thanks

Jeremy Zabriske
 | Photographer