Sarah and Matt

How We Met: Matt and I met on the first day of classes freshman year of college. I felt something for him immediately, but he already had a girlfriend. We became close friends and spent a lot of time together on and off campus. When things finally ended a couple of years later with Matt and his girlfriend, I expressed my feelings for him. We started dating not too long after and have been living happily ever after for 3 and a half years.

how they asked: We were heading to breakfast with Cinderella and her friends at Citricos at the Grand Floridian in Disneyworld. Upon arrival we took our picture with Cinderella and then went to our table. I excused myself to freshen up. During my time gone from the table Matt introduced himself to Cinderella and the Manager and showed the ring explaining that he wanted to propose during breakfast. He also mentioned how Belle is my favorite princess and if she could be there when he popped the question. When I got back to the table Matt was acting funny and I knew something was up but I couldn’t ask what because at that moment Snow White came out to hand out wands and swords to all of the girls and boys (including Matt and me).

Image 1 of Sarah and Matt

She told everyone to close their eyes and make a wish. Well when I opened my eyes Matt got up from the table.

Image 2 of Sarah and Matt

He told me about how he wants to spend forever with me and got down on one knee.

Belle and Cinderella were standing by our table as he proposed. Of course I said yes! Everyone in the restaurant cheered and Belle came over to see the ring. Snow White insisted that Doc helped Matt pick out the diamond. The rest of the day was like being in a Disney movie!

Image 3 of Sarah and Matt