Sarah and Matt

how we met

We met on of all places. After about a week of messaging each other online, Matt asked me out for drinks which was surprising, cause so many guys just seem to ghost you online. We decided to meet at Yardhouse to grab beers. It seemed to go really well because after we finished our drinks we left Yardhouse and then walked around for a couple more hours. By the end of the date, we both seemed really interested in going out again and the rest is history.

how they asked

Every 4th of July Matt travels to Oxford, Mississippi to visit his 96-year-old grandmother with a bunch of his extended family. Last year we decided we would go together so I could finally meet her. We spent the entire 4th of July with his family. There were 62 people in total! They really know how to throw a party in the south! The following day, we had a bit of a break from the festivities and went back to his Aunt’s house which had a lovely park outback with a lake in the middle of it. He suggested we go for a walk outside and even though it was blazing hot and incredibly humid I agreed because I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen next. Matt took me out to the gazebo that sat over the lake and sat me down. He talked about how important it was for me to meet his family, especially his grandma. She apparently approved of me and so did the rest of the family. He recapped how well of a match we seemed to make and how we shared similar moral and family values. He then got on one knee and asked me to marry him so of course, I said “YES!”. I had a sneaking suspicion it would happen on our trip because Matt’s grandmother no longer flies anymore and this would be our one chance to celebrate with her. There was a family dinner organized that night so after the proposal and calling all my family back home, we headed to his aunt’s house. Once Matt’s sister arrived and his parents, we told them discretely and then announced the engagement during prayer right before dinner. It was wonderful getting to show the ring to all his relatives and getting their congratulations in person. I could tell they were all really happy for both of us and it was nice getting to celebrate in person with them all.

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