Sarah and Matt

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cullen Gardens, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

How We Met

I don’t actually remember the first time we met, but Matt does… I guess I just didn’t notice him! The second time we met (the first time for me), we were at a campfire with our friends. Matt showed up with his friend and I thought they were cute, so I asked my friend about them. She told me Matt was 24 (at the time I was 19), so I thought, “He’s too old for me anyways” and moved on. About 3 months later, Matt was hired at the church I was going to and we got to know each other better. I liked him right away. Finally, he asked me on a date, we went to Snakes and Lattes, a board game cafe in Toronto, and we pretty much “clicked” right from our first date.

How They Asked

We were waiting for Matt to get hired as a teacher before we got engaged. When he finally got hired, I knew a proposal was coming but had no idea when. Little did I know, he was hired two weeks before he told me so I wouldn’t suspect a proposal, he had talked to my parents already and had bought a ring. I was shocked when he proposed. He took me out to my favorite restaurant for dinner and disguised it as us celebrating him getting a job. Then we went for a walk, where he gave me a sweet note and we walked down to a bridge where he had set up pretty lights and proposed.

Sarah and Matt's Engagement in Cullen Gardens, Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Special Thanks

Cheryl Lee
 | Photographer