Sarah and Matt

Sarah's Proposal in Adirondack mountains

How We Met

In 2013 I had a coworker who went up to Binghamton University to visit a friend, while she was there she met Matt, who coincidentally grew up very close to our home town. The first words out of her mouth that Monday morning was “ I met someone who would be PERFECT for you, and he loves to snowboard” (I was and still am a avid snowboarder). Naturally I was intrigued but he was so far away in Binghamton I never really tried to figure out a way to meet him, because I wasn’t about to go all the way up there for a blind date. Naturally I checked him out a bit on Instagram but we’re talking 2013 here so there was more pictures of fish he caught and abstract things then there was of him, but I did think he was pretty darn cute from what I was able to see. Alas a few weeks went by and normal life went on. A month or so later my friend called me and invited me to a party and said matt would be there. I’m pretty outgoing so I decided to go even just to have something to do that night. When I got there I immediately saw matt (hes hard to miss at almost 6’3) and thought he was so cute, my friend introduced us but unknowingly to me he was pretty shy and bashful at first so the conversation was a little flat.. went something like this; me: so I hear you like to snowboard him: yeaaaa it’s pretty cool..*crickets, crickets*. Our conversation was pretty limited that night but with the help of my friend we ended up hanging out a few more times in a more relaxed environment. I fell for matt hard, and we had a lot of fun over 6 months. But like most 23 year old boys matt wasn’t quite ready for anything serious and liked to party and hang with his friends so we ended things ( I wasn’t big into going out/partying). We kept in touch through texts, usually him denying or avoiding my request to meet up for lunch or catch up until one day he told me he bought a van with his friend and was going to travel the country and probably not come back to NY. He had also stopped going out and was living a different lifestyle. I was proud of him for all these change but I was so sad, because I truly loved him as a person and the thought of never seeing him again wasn’t something I was ok with. So I told him he had to meet me for lunch and give me a hug before he left, I was happy for him that he was doing this for himself but selfishly didn’t want him to go. When we saw each other again it was just like it had been. We knew we still cared for each other but we had a talk a few days into spending time again where I urged him to goin this trip, it was something he needed to do for himself but asked him to maybe consider coming back home when he was done. Three more weeks passed and it was time for him to get in the van and go travel, except he told me he wasn’t going. He sold his van and told his friend he didn’t want to risk loosing me again. That was four and a half years ago, and he never looked back.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Adirondack mountains

Where to Propose in Adirondack mountains

Proposal Ideas Adirondack mountains

How They Asked

Our shared love of adventure is what brought us together. We have fished and kayaked countless streams, snowboarded some great places, as well as hiked and camped endless mountain tops. Being in New York, the Adirondacks are ( in our opinion) some of the most beautiful mountains around with views you can’t beat. Four years ago in October about 6 months into getting back together we took our first trip 4 hours north to a spot that was great for fall foliage, over the years we have hiked so many mountains in the Adirondacks but the first hike we ever went on always was one of my favorites. Matt and I had been talking about marriage for years and I was always on high alert and we loved to travel so there was tons of gorgeous places I thought I knew for sure it would be but it didn’t happen, not on our trip to Colombia and Peru, California, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, DC to see the cherry blossoms or even the recent snowboarding trip we took in Wyoming or the trip we took back to Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana a few months later to see some National parks… so when it came time for our annual fall foliage trip upstate to go to one of our favorite spots I Had already talked myself out of thinking it would happen somewhere on a trip and started to think I would come home one day to him on one knee, although this was a very special spot for us I would have though for sure matt was going to choose a new and adventurous place to pop the question. Matt was also pretty sick and we actually canceled our plans to do a 12 mile hike that Saturday and decided just to stick to our short but sweet favorite foliage spot and spend the rest of the weekend leaf peeping, hitting up farmers markets and exploring the whole Adirondack Park by car. Matt was so sick that on the quick 45 min hike up to the mountain I actually asked a few times if he wanted to turn back- his response to me was “ stop asking me that, I don’t need that kind of negativity right now”.. LOL ok matt. Once we got to the top I told him we should chill for a few minuets because he wasn’t looking great, but there was only a few people at the top and a girl had gotten up to snap some pics before she left. So I turned to matt and said “ let’s get a quick picture before she leaves and then we’ll eat some lunch”. Well little did I know that as she was taking the pictures matt was digging in his pocket ( the series of pics before the proposal are pretty funny ), he turns to the angel holding the phone and says “ Im sorry to put you on the spot but can you take a bunch of pictures” and gets down on one knee to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. The best part was everyone on top of the mountain crying and celebrating with us. The girl taking the pictures was amazing because not only did she get great photos but a video too! Matt also immediately looked and started feeling better, half of his sickness was nerves!! We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the beautiful show of foliage Mother Nature put on and even took a sea plane over long lake to see some amazing views of the trees and all the color.


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