Sarah and Martin

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How We Met: We met each other for the first time in 2010. We were in the same cohort in university. We were both were studying to become chiropractors, but we didn’t really start glancing at each other until our 5th year of school. She obviously says that I started looking at her first but in my mind I think it was the opposite! When university was done and we were both doctors, we became closer and started to enjoy each other’s company more, and I came to see the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. There is no question of her love for me…she even moved (from Australia) to my home country (Sweden) to be with me…a country where she doesn’t understand the language. To move away from your family and best friends has to be something special, and I feel deeply humbled by the fact that it is me. Words do not do justice of how much I love her!

how they asked: Sarah and I flew from our home in Sweden to New York City for a wonderful vacation. One beautiful afternoon on our trip, with a light coating of powdery snow and under the guise of a nice winter walk through Central Park, we came across a bench previously set up by our photographer. Resting on a white blanket, surrounded by candles was a small black box with a white bow, with the text “the key is in your pocket”. Sarah reached into her pocket for the key, (which was mailed from New York to Sweden and placed in her pocket before our trip!) unlocked the box and read a note from me declaring how much I love her and how I will remember this moment forever. She moved from Australia to Sweden to be with me and I flew her from Sweden to New York to ask her to marry me.

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Photography by Alexandra T. Wren Photography