Sarah and Mark

How We Met

Mark and I met at my first job working for a nonprofit organization. For most of the time that I worked for the company we were both in relationships with other people, or not ready to be with anyone after being in long-term relationships. We started talking and after months of casual hangouts we set up our first date.

how they asked

Our proposal story starts months before Mark asked me to be his wife. My grandparents own a cabin in upstate Pennsylvania, and I had planned a trip a couple of months ahead of my birthday for our friends and us to spend the weekend there. Little did I know what I thought I had planned was actually put into motion by Mark who asked my grandfather if he could use my favorite place as his chance to ask me to marry him.

The doc has always been one of my favorite places sit and think while at the cabin so we went to sit by the water in the cool spring morning. We started talking about our future and where we saw things going with us, and he began to quote one of my favorite lines to a show that has changed my life in more ways than one. He said “This thing we’re doing here, I just want you to know, I’m in, I’m all in” and pulled out the ring while my family and friends watched from the porch!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Family cabin