Sarah and Marco

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How We Met

Marco and I first met each other at a gym I used to work in and that he was a member of. I remember he walked in, scanned his ID and I said, “Hi Welcome!!” with a smile on my face and he responded back, “Hi,” with a smile as well. I immediately got the feeling of butterflies and, “This is going to be the guy I marry,” thought which was crazy to me to feel because I’ve never felt that with anybody. (Marco stated he felt the same way).

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While he was working out I would walk around the gym acting busy to check him out. A few days later he brings his little brother in to join the gym (mind you I had tape holding my glasses between my frames) and of course we flirted again. A few days later, one of my coworkers ended up giving him my number without my knowledge. He ended up texting me and we texted a lot. He would bring me candy at the gym and I would make his protein shakes.

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How They Asked

5 years later, Marco plans a Las Vegas trip for our anniversary. On the day of our anniversary, we went to the Venetian mall and I was starving while taking pictures of the most beautiful mall that I’ve ever seen! We ended up finding a huge love sign (he planned this) with a waterfall in the background and a pond in front of the sign.

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Image 1 of Sarah and Marco

It was gorgeous so we had to take a picture but instead, he asked someone who was around to videotape him kneeling down and proposing to me. I, of course, said yes and everyone in the mall clapped and said “Congratulations.” Marco and I were shaking of happiness and I couldn’t believe it, literally, it felt unreal like a dream.

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