Sarah and Mack

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How We Met

Our story is your classic high school sweetheart’s tale. I first met Mack in the fall of my freshman year. As I was experiencing the start of high school and meeting lots of new people, an adorable and quite shy guy caught my eye. Neither my friends nor I knew who he was so I decided to name this mystery man, “The nameless hottie.” As good luck would have it, our mutual friends decided to go to a haunted house together on Halloween. It was on that night that I learned his name and we exchanged phone numbers with all our new friends. Since I had a huge crush on Mack, I could not have been more excited to get his number.

The following spring semester we happened to be in the same gym class. We began talking every day during that class and eventually we both couldn’t wait until 7th hour rolled around so we could see each other. At this point, we both had crushes on each other but neither of us had made the first move yet. It was here that I finally built up enough courage and asked him to the sweetheart switch dance (where the girls ask the guys to the dance). Getting to go to your first high school dance with your long time crush was as memorable as you can imagine. This was the beginning of our journey of love and life together. A few days later, on February 25th 2009, Mack asked me out and we became inseparable ever since. High school flew by but not without creating memories, and reaching many milestones together.

During our senior year, our school newspaper voted Mack and I the “couple most likely to get married”. We both chose to go to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to pursue our careers in healthcare. Getting to grow up and become adults throughout college together made our relationship even stronger.

how they asked

On July 26th, 2016, Mack told me we had lunch plans with some friends, and as I was getting myself ready he left the apartment and said he would be right back. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and taped to the outside was a letter. Inside was a message stating that I would have to go on a scavenger hunt around the city to find clues that would lead me to his location where he was waiting for me.

The scavenger hunt took me around to some of our favorite and most memorable places in Eau Claire. The final clue led me to the center of a local park where Mack was waiting for me, surrounded by rose petals. I was so happy while walking towards him that everything was a blur. I just remember both of us tearing up when he was telling me how much he loved before he said the words, “Will you marry me?”

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