Sarah and Lukas

How We Met

It was 5 years ago that I first met him. I was only 13 back then – and he was 16. We got to know each other at a church event in Freistadt, Austria and timidly asked for each other’s name. Half a year later we started dating – secretly, because our parents would not approve of this young relationship. Still we always found ways to meet each other, which turned out to be harder than expected as we live 75 kilometres apart. But we made it and it only caused us to grow stronger as a couple. After some years our parents had seen our perseverance and started to accept our relationship – which made things become way easier.

how they asked


This summer I graduated from high school and was about to leave for a camp. Lukas waited for me to leave and made all the way to my parent’s home to ask my father for my hand in marriage. Some days after I returned from the camp he took me on a hike to the probably most beautiful place in Austria. As we stood on the rock I had no idea of what was about to happen. It was the most incredible moment of my life as went down on his knees and asked me to become his wife. I couldn’t even pronounce a clear “yes” due to my tears. After 5 years of dating we are getting married in less than 6 months. There are no words to describe this feeling! We are counting days!