Sarah and Logan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brookgreen Gardens

How We Met

Logan and I actually met in preschool – I know, crazy! We have a few photos together at that age which will be perrrfect for the wedding. We ended up drifting apart until freshman year of high school because we lived in different neighborhoods and ended up going to different schools. At our high school, we “re-met” in freshman choir class and were close friends up until junior year. I’ve heard he was all about me all those years, but I clearly didn’t catch on for some time ;) We began dating junior year of high school and have been best friends since!

How They Asked

Logan took me to Litchfield beach for a “relaxing weekend” (haha…). Saturday morning we woke up to grab breakfast and go to Brookgreen Gardens for the day, as we had gone the weekend before when we were in Litchfield for his cousins wedding and our tickets were still good! He was acting super weird during breakfast – constantly texting people and not talking very much. I thought either something really bad had happened or, there was a possibility he was going to propose. I had been hinting at a proposal for months, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up if it didn’t happen. Flash forward an hour later, we get to our house to change and go to the gardens. Logan dresses in a button down – weird right? Why would he dress in a button down to go look at gardens, lol! I get dressed in jeans and my AllBirds, thinking nothing of it and just wanting to be comfy. Once we get there, we B-line to this beautiful alley of oak trees that just take your breath away. We’re walking and talking when he stops me suddenly and asks if I knew why he hasn’t proposed yet. I said I knew he would do it at the perfect time and it just hasn’t been that time yet and he responds by saying “well is now a good time?”. I of course start freaking out, so excited, and say yes right away! He’s a pretty good one because his dad drove down the night before and was hiding in the bushes taking photos. A+, buddy! He also invited his whole family as well as my whole family and surprised me with drinks on the beach with them and dinner at our favorite restaurant, Franks. To say it was the most perfect day ever is an understatement – I am so happy I get to marry my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Andre Hall
 | Photographer