Sarah and Lester

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How We Met

We met at a camp when I was in grade 7 and he was in grade 11. We caught eyes, but didn’t say much that week because of the age gap & our awkwardness. We found each other on Facebook and started talking a few months later and instantly knew we liked each other and wanted to get married someday. Lester went off to college the next year and we were still talking quite a bit, but the age gap was just too much at that point and had to hit pause for awhile. I still knew I was going to marry him someday and that there was actually no one else that I could ever fall in love with, but I had to wait for 4 years to finally get him all to myself. Within those 4 years we talked very on and off, but mostly off because he knew he had to wait until I was older. When I was in my grade 12 year, I moved to the area where he was living and we saw each other more often: at gas stations, on the road driving, at church, and at movie nights. We live in a very small town (about 200 people), so it was bound to happen. We talked a bit in September 2014, and he had said that he didn’t like me anymore and we just had to stay as friends. In December, he started to ask me out on group outings to Medicine Hat for movies & suppers, and eventually I was going on grocery trips with him and his brother. I had asked him to be my grad escort for my graduation and he said yes, but I still thought it was just being friendly! We spent New Years Eve together, but I still didn’t know that he liked me. Two days later, we went to one of my brother in laws hockey games and went for supper (Just the two of us!) and when he dropped me off, he told me that he really liked me. I was in complete shock! I instantly said, “I’m not going to kiss you unless we’re dating!” (Hoping that he would ask me to date a lot sooner than he did!) We went on a couple more coffee dates just to see if we still got along and liked each others company, and on January 11, 2015, we went on a walk in the afternoon (in -30 weather) to a tree and dugout that they have on their land. We watched the sunset and he passed me a note saying “Will you be my girlfriend? check yes or no” As soon as I checked yes, Lester asked me “Can I kiss you now?!” After that, he took out his pocket knife and carved our initials into the tree. We walked back to his house and his brother made us some Shepard’s pie as we tried to warm up! He has always been a very romantic guy, leaving notes and flowers on my car when I was in school.

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how they asked

In about November 2015, I started to get a bit ansy and really wanting a ring. I was really wanting a June wedding and he didn’t have much time! He told me that he wouldn’t be asking me until at least January or February 2016, and I had to be okay with that. In December I was still not okay with that, so he told me he was going ring shopping with his sister on December 22, 2015. He showed me the texting conversation with her and everything! I got back from school on December 16, and we were busy every night with family and Christmas parties. He told me he was planning a date for us December 21 to give each other our Christmas gifts and that I had to wear my grad dress. He picked me up in his dress clothes and gave me a vase of flowers. We drove off to his house and when we got there it was completely spotless! He spent the entire day cleaning up and building my Christmas presents. He gave me one present to open as soon as I walked in, and it was a beautiful dress and Stella & Dot earrings to go with it! We went downstairs and there was Christmas lights lighting the way to a table filled with birdhouses that we had started to paint in the summer and completely forgot about. We painted them and then we went upstairs to a supper made by him (Steak & tornado fries!) He had the table all neat with flowers in old pop bottles, candles, and all set. After supper, we started to watch Elf, one of our favourites, but it was too uncomfortable in my grad dress, so we danced for a bit with all the Christmas lights sparkling and music playing, then we got into our comfy clothes. When the movie was done, we got all dressed up in some warm clothes, he blindfolded me and told me my presents were out at the tree because he didn’t have a Christmas tree in his house. I was completely oblivious because I thought he was going ring shopping the next day! We got to the tree, he turned on all the lights and then he took off my blindfold. The tree was covered in picture frames that he made with pictures of us. (I have a thing for picture frames!) I was totally in love with it all, and then he told me another present was behind one of the picture frames. It took me a bit to try to get the frame off, but when I did, there was a box and a glow stick, I pulled out a wooden box that he made and I asked “where’s the necklace?” I looked back and he was on one knee asking “Sarah Kathryn, will you marry me?” I replied, “Is this a joke? Are you for real?” He just smiled and grabbed the ring out of the hole in the tree. I said “Yes!” he kissed me and put the ring on my finger, I could not stop staring at it! We got back on the sled and went back to the house. We went over and told his parents and then we spent the rest of the night calling out family & friends!

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