Sarah and Leon

How we met: Leon and I met in 7th grade in a hallway in our middle school. I was with my best friend, Gretchen. She was friends with Leon, and was trying to get us to meet for awhile, and one day in the Spring we all ended up in the music hallway together at the same time for an introduction. In 8th grade we had several classes together, and became fast friends. We went to several dance together in high school, and officially started dating at the end of our Junior year. Below is a photo of us at senior prom:


how they asked: On the weekend of our 12th anniversary (yes, 12 years!) Leon and I traveled back to our hometown to spend the long weekend with our families, who we hadn’t seen in awhile. I had made plans with my best friend Gretchen, who introduced us. She was in town with her husband (her high school sweetheart) that weekend for a wedding.  On Friday night, they planned to pick me up on their way into town, and take me over to her in-laws so we could catch up and I could spend some time with their four-month old. As we were driving to their house, they started talking about how they had to pick up a violin for the wedding the next day, and since we were driving by the school, we might as well stop. We pulled up in front of the school, and after a little convincing, they got me out of the car to go pick up the ‘violin.’ Once we got in the school, I saw Leon standing right by the hallway where we first met, holding flowers and wearing a suit. He got down on one knee and proposed!



They definitely pulled the biggest, best surprise of my life on me!  Having Gretchen there made it even more special, since it was a perfect reenactment of that moment years ago.