Sarah and Leebo

I am a Bridal Consultant at The Bride and Groom in Columbus, MS. We were voted Best Bridal Shop in the State! Last April, a photographer came in looking for a dress for a ‘My Fair Lady’ editorial shoot she was doing at an old mansion in West Point. I helped her find the dress, a classy and vintage gown with lots of detail. Then, she asked me to be the model! I also needed a groom and a bridesmaid so I asked my Leebo, my boyfriend of seven years, and my younger sister, Reagan.

Reagan and I were so excited! Leebo, not so much. How many guys would be a model for a photo shoot for their girlfriend, right? Leebo, however, wasn’t just going to be modeling.

Image 1 of Sarah and Leebo

The day of the photoshoot, we had school and lunch, like any other Monday. The Bride and Groom is closed on Mondays, so we had several hours to get ready. My sister and I did our hair and make up & Leebo took a nap. We headed out to Old Waverly. I always have my nails painted, but on this day, they were bare. Not even thinking twice about it, my sister simply said to pull into Sally’s and grab a nude polish for the shoot. I painted them in the car ride on the way.

We began the photoshoot with Nikki around 4:30. The sun was setting behind the trees, it was a little breezy, and blooms were everywhere. It was a gorgeous day. Leebo continued to tell me how excited he was and how pretty I looked in the dress.

Image 2 of Sarah and Leebo

We wrapped up the shoot under a 250 year old oak tree on the plantation. It is the oldest tree in MS. Nikki grabbed a few more shots of the bride, groom, and bridesmaid, and then pulled Reagan from the scene. Nikki said ‘that’s a wrap!’ And so Leebo asked if I could help pull off his tuxedo jacket. He turned his back to me and before I could help him, he pulled a box out of his pocket and got down on one knee!!! I immediately began to squeal & asked if it was real life or just part of the photoshoot. This whole time Leebo was so calm and collected knowing he was going to propose. It was the best surprise ever.

Image 3 of Sarah and Leebo

Image 4 of Sarah and Leebo

After gathering my bearings, he tells me turn around. There my family and his family stood. They were in the bushes and watched the whole thing. At this point I’m totally speechless. My whole family is here, it was a surprise, it was caught on camera, and my nails were painted. Ladies, find a man who knows how to plan!

We are getting married 10.15.16. I cannot wait be be Mrs. Davis!

Image 5 of Sarah and Leebo

Special Thanks

Nikki Mckenzie
 | Photographer