Sarah and Lee

How We Met

Lee and I met when I was in law school and planning an event for an organization that I was President of at the time. I went into a local craft beer bar to meet with the manager to set up a Craft Beer 101 class of sorts. I asked for the manager and out came this gorgeous blue-eyed guy dressed in full German Lederhausen (it was there annual Oktoberfest event). We worked out the details of the event and then held the event a few weeks later. After the event was over I stayed at the bar talking to him for hours and the rest is history. He has been my best friend, partner in crime, and other half since! He has been by my side through finishing law school, studying for the Bar, and passing the Bar and becoming a real lawyer; we have supported each other through career changes, tough times and good times, and I cannot wait to spend my life with him!

Sarah and Lee's Engagement in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (On top of the Mountain!)

Sarah's Proposal in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (On top of the Mountain!)

how they asked

We had been planning to go on this amazing trip together with his family for nearly a year. We were going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. After nearly 24 hours of travel delays we made it to Jackson Hole and started our vacation a day late. We all took the aerial tram up the mountain (over 10,000 feet in total elevation!) where we proceeded to stand in awe of the gorgeous view. I brought my nice camera so that I could take pictures of his family, since some of them were going to take the tram back down while we hiked the 12+ miles down the mountain. After I had taken plenty of pictures, he asked his sister to take the camera and get a few shots of us. We posed for a few pictures when he pulled me in, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Even though I had been hoping this would happen for months now, I was completely surprised! I didn’t believe him at first and had to ask him if he was serious or if this was a joke. It wasn’t a joke! One of his sister’s took pictures while the other videotaped the entire thing so that my mom, who was not with us on the trip, could share in the moment. The sweetest part about the whole thing, was that the ring he gave me was his mother’s, and he kept the proposal a secret from her and his Dad as well. Seeing their reactions in the video and on pictures just melted my heart. To top it all off, there is a cabin on the top of the mountain (Corbett’s) known for serving delicious waffles. So before we went off on our hike down, we enjoyed amazing Nutella Stuffed Waffles at 10,000 feet. (Breakfast foods are my favorite and my inner Leslie Knope was overjoyed at the presence of waffles!)

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