Sarah and Lee

how we met

We met in November 2010 when we were both studying at the University of Alabama. I was friends with his roommate, so we met when we hanging out at their dorm after a football game. We both liked each other from the start. Nothing particularly exciting about our first meeting. I may have ‘stolen’ a jacket of his, which led to us having to hang out a second time for me to return it. But really the funny part is that I tend to joke our relationship kicked off straight away similarly to how a kindergartner with a crush would say ‘you’re my boyfriend now.’

how they asked

We took a two week trip to Italy in December. I had studied abroad there in college and was excited to finally take him to my favorite country and show him to all the places I went while living there. Our first night in my favorite city (Florence) he asked me where my favorite part of the city was (first note of suspicion). We went up to a park across the river that overlooks the entire city, but he kept leading me away from the look-out point because ‘there were too many people.’ That was the second thing to make me suspicious haha. I was cold so he took my hand and put it into his pocket to keep it warm. He had secretly put the ring into that pocket moments before, so when I felt it in there I asked him what this was. He fumbled what he said was a rehearsed speech but a random stranger managed to take a few pictures of the moment. I’m so glad he picked that spot to ask me to marry him. He knew how special it would be to me to look at and have yet another reason to love that city.

Special Thanks

The Studio at Daisy Hill
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Downtown Senoia
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