Sarah and Lee

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How We Met

Meeting someone doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it nowadays, take it from us, the grocery store is a great place to meet!!

I’d moved back to my hometown only a few weeks before, and was loving my new job teaching. My fun new school had planned a potluck “tailgate” for the teachers! Being new, and wanting them to like me, I decided I couldn’t go wrong with a ton of homemade pimento cheese! After working out one evening, I headed to the Krog to get my supplies. I entered the store, and, being my living alone with the dog self, I needed a rack of beer. Check! Now back on track with pimento cheese… This cute guy in the produce section commented on the beer in my cart, I mean yeah grocery necessities of course. I don’t think much of it, get my groceries, and am on my out of the Kroger, when I hear “Ma’am!” in my direction. I’m thinking “Who is calling me ma’am…” And turn around to see that cute guy again! Still oblivious, I thought “Did I drop something?” Nope, he blurts out — “You are so beautiful, and I would be kicking myself if I let you get away without introducing myself. Hi, my name is Lee.” Half still in shock he thought I was cute, we exchanged numbers on his yellow legal pad (yep). After only getting a first name, “Lee from Kroger” (as he still is named in my phone) helped me load my groceries in my car and we agreed to talk soon. I like to think its mini romantic date when we go grocery shopping!

Mom knew something was up when she saw this picture from our first date!

how they asked

Let me start by saying that secrets are still coming out that my fiance, Lee, and my Dad white-lied about to pull this whole thing off. The boys got way too into the scheming! Lee and I were planning on joining his family in Panama City Beach for vacation. “Coincidentally” the dates were the same my family’s trip to St. Simons. I would have loved to do both, but hey we’re all still going to a beach! The morning of our respective trips, we meet up to divy out beach chairs and towels. Unbeknownst to Mom and I, the boys were texting laughing about this whole scenario! We get on the road, Lee and I to PCB, and Mom, Dad, and my brother to St. Simons. Lee’s family had some “fancy dinner” planned for the first night, so we received multiple calls about the time of dinner reservations. Didn’t phase me! Really, the calls were helping Lee time the proposal! We got to our condo to get ready, and Lee picks out my nicest (and white) dress.

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Despite my questions about the first night being so fancy, he assured me it would be the “nicest night of the trip”. Still oblivious, I say okay! We headed down for dinner, and Lee explained the best way to get there was on the beach. A few steps in, we saw a heart lined with flowers in the sand. I tell Lee there must have been a wedding! To my surprise, Lee suggests a selfie – which I am all about. Post-selfie, Lee explains: “Actually, this heart is for you…” Cue the what?? face. Lee goes on to tell me all the most beautiful things that make me melt, proposes, and we immediately hear all this hollering and see people running towards us! Once again oblivious, I had no idea both of our families along with our friends were “hiding” on the beach watching the whole event transpire. They had put together a beautiful set-up with string lights, tables, and (my favorite) pink peonies. We immediately felt so surrounded by love! We were then able to spend the most special week on the beach, celebrating together as a new, whole family.

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Taking “the selfie”… Still oblivious…

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Did I even say “yes”?? I think it was more like “AHH” and jumping on Lee??

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