Sarah and Kyle

How We Met

We met while studying abroad in Luxembourg. On one of the first nights there, a large group of us went to the Schueberfouer together and I remember this kid had a bee crawl up his shorts and sting him. My friend and I laughed at and mocked him for the rest of the night. I later found out that the kid was Kyle. Our favorite way to spend a date would be a full day of outdoor time with our dog, Loki, on one of our favorite trails during the day, and snuggled up watching a movie with a bottle of wine at night.

Where to Propose in Garden of Lights at The Creation Museum

Sarah's Proposal in Garden of Lights at The Creation Museum

How They Asked

Kyle’s proposal to me was a complete shock. We had discussed marriage, but we’re in the throes of paying off debt and I just figured it would be a while till homeboy could be affording a ring. My friend, Chelsea had just started up her jewelry design business and I had gone for a “mock” custom design consult to mess around with her new software, and just generally get her used to do that sort of thing for customers – JOKES ON ME – it was real.

So our friends are in town right before the holidays, and we decide to go see this free light showdown in Kentucky behind the Creation Museum. I had a sprained my ankle pretty badly in the weeks previous to this, and was wearing this really cute brace that made me unable to wear any type of shoe other than this really hot pair of like neon patterned slipper boot things. Remember that, because I will relive it for the rest of my life in my engagement pictures.

While at the lights, my friend, Deanna, claims she wants a family photo. So we start hunting out this perfect spot for photos. We ended up at this pergola surrounded by lights and right next to a little running creek – it was adorable. But right as we’re getting ready to take photos – Kyle strangely says he’d rather we take a photo together first. That was weird for him because he’s not a picture guy. I remember thinking that was so strange, but going along with it because I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity for him to actually smile nicely for a picture! We start walking up, but another group has the same idea, so I pull Kyle back and tell him to let them go. He seems upset – again, weird – but he obliges. They finish up and we start walking up for our turn, when I, by chance, notice someone I know in the crowd! I walk over to say hi and introduce Kyle and he is visibly annoyed at this point. I remember thinking he was a giant jerk for being in such a rush for this silly picture. He finally pulls me away and tells me, “Sarah, we need this picture, things are happening.” My heart lurches because I have an idea of what’s coming.

He tells me he’s talked with my Dad and starts to get down on one knee. At this point, I think I blacked out. I was frantically telling him to “get up” and to “stop.” All the romantic things a girl imagines saying when the man she loves is proposing… Ha. Kyle spoke sweet nothings despite my flustering. He told me, “I told you I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and I was serious when I said it. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Sarah Buccasio will you marry me?” – And then he was met with total silence and my shocked, frozen face. He eventually told me, “I’m going to need you to say something now..” Which snapped me back to reality. And I SAID YES OF COURSE.

He put so much thought into all the detail and made sure so many people I loved were right there to witness the whole thing, even if I was mortified. And that ring I had designed with Chelsea, along with his own super thoughtful and amazing additions, was stunning and beautiful and sitting right on my finger, reminding me every day, since, of this incredible man and his love for me.

Special Thanks

Amy Oliver
 | Photographer
Chelsea Mead
 | Planning