Sarah and Konrad

How We Met

Konrad and I shared our first special memory over 6 years ago in Yaletown, Vancouver on a bench overseeing False Creek. I actually didn’t know it would be just the two of us that day. As usual, I thought we’d be spending time with mutual friends, catching up over dinner. I got a text that afternoon, making it clear it would be just me and him that evening; the butterflies started already. Secretly, I had the biggest crush on this handsome guy and it just became evident that the feelings were mutual.

After having dinner together, we strolled to sit somewhere by the water. And there it was, just an ordinary bench, which we had no idea at the time, would become a symbol in our relationship. As the moon reflected on the water, we sat on the bench, sharing stories about ourselves – fueling the sparks between us. Every year to follow, we celebrated our anniversary by visiting our bench. We’d sit there together for hours, sharing stories not about ourselves anymore, but about memories we’ve created together, as a couple.

how they asked

Fast forward to 6 years later, Konrad and I moved to a different city. However, moving didn’t mean that the symbolism of the bench would be lost. On August 18, 2017 I thought I was going on a hike with my girlfriends. Funny enough, throughout the hike, I was telling them how Konrad and I love exploring and we go on hikes very often – good thing I was walking in front of them, I don’t know how they contained their smiles and laughter since they knew what was about to happen.

As we approached the top, I saw that the pathway to the view point was lit up with sparkling lights. Still oblivious, I thought the path had little solar lights, probably installed by the park rangers. Then I saw Konrad, looking down at me with the biggest smile I have ever seen; at that exact moment, I realized what was happening. In utter shock, I turned around to look at my girlfriends, who started waiving me upwards. I walked up to the view point, and there it was, a beautifully decorated wooden bench.

Even though we moved over 400km away from home, Konrad got down on one knee, on top of a beautiful mountain view, in front of our “new” bench, and asked me to marry him! I called my best friend back at home to share the news immediately. Thinking that this evening could not be any more perfect, there she was out of no where…screaming with joy as she jumped out from behind a tree into my arms. My fairy tale had only begun that evening…

Sarah and Konrad's Engagement in Kelowna, BC

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