Sarah and Kenneth

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How We Met: I never really know how to explain how we met “at church” seems to be the simplest answer. My first time attending our youth/young adults night Kenny was called up after returning from a vacation to Mexico but they jokingly pointed out how he had faked tanned first…which wasn’t the best impression for me. We were later introduced at an event but he was so focused on everything else he didn’t pay me much attention and kind of ignored me – hah!

One night my friend and I wanted to watch a movie and Kenny had his own place so we all went over to watch one of my favorites “Pride & Prejudice” We all sat down and Kenny was grabbing snacks and when he came to sit down their was only one seat left next to me, he wanted to be sure I didn’t get the wrong impression (or at least that’s what he says now…) he put a pillow between us!! Who does that haha!

Anyways..we became friends that night, and later interns together at Christian Life Assembly (our church). A few months after the internship ended we started hanging out alone (…dramatic pause…), and we went on some dates to fun places. God did good when he designed Kenny for me, I love special moments and well he did that from day one!

Our first “date”, we went to the Vancouver Art Gallery, a super fancy restaurant and then went to a Coldplay concert….yah i wasn’t gunna let this guy go! Keeper material! When he asked me to be his girlfriend, another special moment was in the making, the Vancouver Aquarium, picnic in Stanley Park (where he ended up proposing too!) and then the fireworks in English Bay.

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how they asked: This summer I am working as a Wedding & Events Assistant at a resort on the Sunshine Coast, and so we are doing a few months long distance (…well a ferry ride isn’t really long distance, but you get the idea). So when I had days off we tried to make them special, so I wasn’t too shocked when he said he had something fun planned on my day off that was a secret.

We started off Whale Watching, which I’d always wanted to check out! We had a picnic on the boat and saw tons of fun animals! The boat ride itself was super romantic! After that finished we went back to the car & he started driving to our next location – i fell asleep in the car and woke up in Vancouver.

We grabbed a Starbucks and relaxed (and changed into nicer clothes in the bathroom as we were in grubby-ish clothes from whale watching. This may sound funny but Kenny and I often do change clothes towards the end of the date if we are in plain clothes, so when he said bring a change of clothes…I wasn’t curious as to why – we do this alot haha!

He kept throwing me off by saying “so…what should we do next… anywhere you want to go eat?” Making me believe he had no plan or agenda. He said we should drive and find a place and so we ended up in Stanley Park. This is where i was like “okay..maybe…” but he threw me off again and said why don’t we sit and read our bibles for a little while.

I got cold after about 20minutes so he said we should take a walk while its still sunny out, and so we walked around the lake/lagoon. About 1/2 of the way around I could tell there was a difference in him. Then at about 3/4 of the way he said let’s go up here to this private area. As we started to go up, that’s when I heard Bon Iver playing and I just knew, and the only way to explain how I felt was everything from my toes upwards all went into my heart and it took all of me just to walk!

We turned a corner and there was a wooden swinging bench (which I’ve always wanted and have made numerous comments at random times that I love them) – he MADE it for me – talk about manly! There were rose petals everywhere, and one single red rode on the bench. We sat down and he spoke to me about our relationship/future and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!!!!!!

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And well – I said YES! My friends Natasha & Gabrielle were hiding a bit aways in the bushes, Gab was in charge of music and Tash was taking photos!! Then they all came out! And Kenny’s brother, best friend Steve and our friend Jahmarley all walked over (they had brought the bench here and had hid around the corner)

I love that our friends were so close to share our special moment! LOVED it! LOVE him! After we hugged everyone, gave some high fives we wisked off to Stanley Park Teahouse where Kenny had gone months before to reserve the best table in the place! And we had a fantastic dinner together! The ride home was the funniest part of the day, it’s where reality kinda sunk in and I realized “We are actually engaged!!”

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“We couldn’t have gotten here today without all the love, wisdom, encouragement & support we have recieved from our church, our two families & our friends.” – Sarah
Photos by Natasha Knebelow