Sarah and Ken

How We Met

I’ve been best friends with his cousin Sara since we were in middle school. He and his brother were coming to hang out with her after school in March 2009, and she invited me to come too. I walked up to meet them and he had this curly brown mop of hair, puka shell necklace, and gave me a hug when he introduced himself but I was so smitten. I thought he was so cute. We had this awkward, flirtatious relationship for a couple years but didn’t officially start dating until my senior year of high school.

Where to Propose in Devil’s Bridge, Sedona, AZ

We broke up when I left for school, got back together during my freshman year and tried to make long distance work (CA to AL), had a rough break up, didn’t talk for a few years, got back in touch my senior year but didn’t see each other again until a year after I had graduated college and moved to AZ. We randomly met up for drinks to catch up one weekend when I was back in CA. We were at the bar until close and then went to the park across the street until 3 AM just talking. He came to visit me in AZ a month later in September 2016 and said he wanted to try to make it work again. We’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

March has been a big month for our relationship: first met, first kiss, first date, so we have talked about also getting married in March and he knew I wanted a year to be able to plan everything. My birthday is mid-March but he swore he wasn’t proposing to me around my birthday so I didn’t think it was happening this month. He coordinated with two of my best friends, Sara and Hannah, to come out the weekend after my birthday and to play it up like a belated birthday celebration. He had them suggest a day trip to Sedona to go hiking. Honestly, that should’ve been the first clue since neither of them are fans of hiking but I just assumed they were finally being adventurous. We drove up to Sedona mid-morning to hike devil’s bridge. Hannah and Ken sped walked to the top. Turns out it was just because Ken wanted to make sure everything was how he wanted and there wouldn’t be any issues. Sara and I took our time getting up. They’re not hikers, as mentioned before, so at one point I offered to Sara to just turn around but she said no. Hannah had purposely made her hold the ring to make sure she got to the top. We got to the top and I was a little annoyed since they essentially ditched us but quickly got over it and got in line to take pictures on the bridge. (Popular picture taking spot and it was a Saturday with good weather so lots of people.) Sara stood on the non-bridge side because “she was scared to go out on the bridge.” Ken was acting like his nerves were because we were up high but obviously, his heart rate was up for a different reason. He suggested we should take our pictures first, which was a little strange since usually, I’m the one that has to beg him to take pictures. We walked out onto the bridge and he was telling me to stand on his left side which, again, I thought was weird and annoying because the right is my good side which I pointed out to him. He said he’d just stand behind me and to face Hannah who was on the side taking pictures.

Sarah and Ken's Engagement in Devil’s Bridge, Sedona, AZ

I started to catch on at that point but then thought it couldn’t possibly be happening now so just did what he said as he stood behind me. I even started putting my arms out to do the Titanic pose because I didn’t know what he was doing.

He said my name and I turned around and he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. We both have very different perspectives on the length of time in those few moments. He wasn’t saying anything, so after the initial shock and me jumping up and down, I walked over and took the ring. He claims I didn’t give him enough time to actually do anything before “yoinking” the ring out of the box and putting it on. Tomato, tomato. Moral of the story is I said yes!

I’m so excited to take on this next chapter with the love of my life.