Sarah and Karl

How We Met

I remember one night I was bored and on Facebook chatting to friends via a social group where you made friends and generally had a laugh. One of my new found friends encouraged me to start a live video so I could actively talk to people and meet new faces. So I was around an hour into this video and Karl has popped up and said hello. I thought he was just being friendly and because I had been messed around a little and sent inappropriate messages, I had said that I didn’t accept inbox messages. A couple of days later, I check my inbox and I find Karl had sent me three messages and I had had no idea! I was unsure what to think and I thought that he was being pleasant enough so I responded. It turned out that Karl was on his break as he worked as a Paramedic and he saw my video and was very keen to get to know me better. After chatting to each other for a little while, I realized that he was rather different to other men I had spoken to. Several hours texting, Skyping and chatting on Facebook later, Karl plucked up the courage to ask if I would like to meet up. At this point I was feeling really good about him and felt I had a lot in common with him so I agreed.

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Around three weeks later from our first conversation, I travelled the two and a half hours to where Karl lived and we met. He kindly offered for me to stay with him at his apartment which is a huge deal I know but it couldn’t have gotten any better. The moment I saw him my heart began to pound in my chest, I was excited and nervous but felt at home all at once. On April 16th 2017, we decided to become an official couple, much to the delight of the members of the social group that we had met on. From then our love bloomed so quickly. My parents had met Karl the same day I did when they took me to his apartment. They fell in love with him just as quickly as I did I think!! We had lots of fun together and I would come up from my hometown to see him as much as I could. I would finish school then immediately be on the next train to see him and stay for days at a time. Every time I would leave, we both felt so miserable and we would be attached to our phones constantly. We loved our nights in with a good movie and a takeaway and our walks to the beach and visiting the arcades together.

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I remember that I was determined to give Karl a great birthday with it being the first one we were going to share together. Karl had told me that he had found a hotel that do afternoon tea at selected times and he had booked a table there for myself, Karl, my parents, grandma and my sister to join us. I thought it was a lovely idea. Karl had told me that he would be wearing a suit which raised my suspicions that he was up to something but though nothing of it and decided to buy a nice dress for the day to make his birthday more special. We arrived at the hotel and we found our table together. Karl looked a little off colour and he told me he felt a little bit sick so my dad suggested that Karl goes for a walk and get some fresh air and maybe have a cigarette. I thought nothing more of this. Little did I know that Karl had given the reception staff a huge bouquet of my favourite flowers, which are Red Roses which had attached a huge balloon reading ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and the ring.

I was sat in the restaurant with my family members when Karl and my dad began to enter the room with Karl attempting to hide the balloon behind my dad’s head. I was confused at first as I couldn’t quite see what the balloon said but as soon as the flowers were set down on the table I was gobsmacked to see this amazing ring in the flowers and Karl being behind my seat down on one knee. I just burst into tears immediately. Karl took my left hand and asked me if I would marry him and of course I yelped YES!

I got up from my chair wiping tears from my eyes as he took the ring from the flowers and put the ring on my finger. I hugged him so tight that when I looked at him, Karl had tears there even though he says he’s not the crying type. The other guests were clapping and cheering. Suddenly one of the waiters brought us some champagne and then another one brought us a Beauty and The Beast themed cake! I was still in such a state of shock and I couldn’t stop looking at the ring.

We attempted to eat the afternoon tea treats but I was still so overwhelmed I hardly ate! We cut our cake and let Karl open his birthday presents and we opened our engagement presents as well. We enjoyed our champagne and we certainly locked lips several times over. Karl laughed at me when I told him that I knew he was up to something. Afterwards, we went to the bar for some celebratory drinks with the family and my dad took some photographs.