Sarah and Jp

Sarah's Proposal in Los Angeles - Overlooking Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign

How We Met

Jp and I met at a high school football game when I was seventeen and he was sixteen. I remember leaning over to ask his name and he looked incredibly nervous. After that meeting, I made sure to find him at every other home football game just so I could talk to him. Our first dance was at our high schools homecoming dance. Our first date was a powderpuff football game. Our first kiss was after we trekked through a corn maze and haunted trail.

After a few months of dating we realized we had been so close to each other all along but we never knew it. We grew up right down the road from each other, we rode the same bus to school, we knew each others friends, but we just didn’t know each other yet. When we met, it felt as though someone had turned a light on inside me and it has never faded.

how they asked

Jp and I took a trip out to Los Angeles. I am an actor and we wanted to check it out to see if moving there would be a good fit for us. I always dreamed about going to Los Angeles; everything about the city seemed so glamorous. I was doing research before we left and I told him I was dying to check out the Griffith Observatory. It looked like it had great views of the city and the observatory itself was beautiful. The night before we had tried to go at sunset, but there was a concert in the park and absolutely no parking. We drove around for about and hour trying to find somewhere to park without any luck. We decided to leave and try again the next day. So we got up and headed up to the observatory only to find that there was no parking once again. We were about to leave when Jp whips the car around and says “no, we are doing this today.” We found a spot at the bottom and decided to hike up to the observatory. Once we made it to the top we looked around and took pictures and chose to hike a nearby trail to see the Hollywood sign. We had been walking for some time and decided to stop. We were standing between the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign and you could see all of Los Angeles. It was just me and him up there and I looked at the city and back a Jp and he said “Okay, so is this the part where you propose to me?” and I laughed and said “No, this is the part where you propose to me.” He said “Okay” then he got down on one knee, reached into his pocket, and pulled out the ring, and asked if I would marry him. I was completely surprised!

Where to Propose in Los Angeles - Overlooking Griffith Observatory and Hollywood Sign