Sarah and JP

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How We Met

JP and I first met during our Junior year of high school when I started training with his high school’s cycling team. We became quick friends but it never even crossed my mind that we would ever be more than that. We even went to prom together — just with different dates! Throughout high school and into college, we stayed close friends, even though we went to different schools 5 hours away. During the summers at home, we’d spend hours sitting at our local Braum’s (a regional ice cream shop) catching up on life and, still, I was totally clueless.

Our shared love of cycling continued to keep us close and we’d always spend time together when we met up at races or had chances to go on training rides together. After a friend told me that JP was interested in me I finally took the hint. He came to visit me for a long weekend and took me on a proper date (for barbecue and dancing… can you tell we’re from Texas??). We’ve been together for nearly 2.5 years now!

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how they asked

JP had asked me almost a month ago to take off Valentine’s Day from work so that we could go for a ride together, which is how we almost always spend special days and holidays. I had actually been the one to suggest we make sure to wear our team kits so we could get some good photos that he could use for social media at the bicycle shop he works at, so when he told me his friend had offered to meet us at the tunnel to take pictures I still wasn’t suspicious at all.

We got brunch that morning and he was so nonchalant and go with the flow of the day, I figured there was no way he could have some specific plan for later. Around noon we left for our ride and I could not have asked for a more perfect day (seriously, I have no idea who he had to talk to to get us a sunny and 70-degree ride in the middle of February). We spent over an hour riding on some of our favorite backroads and I kept thinking how I couldn’t imagine this day getting any better.

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We beat his friend to the tunnel so we hung out taking goofy pictures of each other and reading all the graffiti. Once his friend arrived, he had us pose and take some different shots but both of them seemed distracted and not totally into it. JP went over to help him “figure out the camera” but really he was getting out the ring. Next thing I knew, JP walked back to me and got down on one knee. I immediately started crying and was barely able to get out a “yes.”

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Everything about the proposal was perfect and exactly us. We spent the next hour just us riding back home and enjoying being engaged before we told all of our loved ones (who apparently all already knew it was happening today and somehow managed to successfully keep it a secret). It may be one the most cliche sayings out there, but I’m seriously marrying my best friend and I could not be more excited.

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