Strangers in Every Single State Helped this Same-Sex Couple Get Engaged

I worked for 9 months to create the perfect proposal. My project was called StickerProposal.


I used social media to gain volunteers to help me. I created stickers that said, “Marry Me?”. I then sent them all over the world. People would then take a picture in their location with the sticker included, and send it back to me. The result was over 140 locations, 20 countries, and 50 states. It was amazing.

I had Sarah come to what she thought was a work lunch. There I had a video waiting to explain what was happening. She was completely surprised, and excited. I then proposed to her where I put my very first sticker. It was a dream come true.

Life by Roxy did a great job taking pictures of this important day. We will be getting married July 16, 2016.