Sarah and Joshua

How We Met

It was a Thursday, June 2006 and a bunch of us would hang out in kohls parking lot for a car meet he saw me from across the parking lot and immediately fell for me, me on the other hand didn’t want anything to do with him. We become friends and for about 5 year he tried to take me out on a date I persistantly said no. Till one day after talking to my dad I decided to give him a chance. It was the best decision I made.

how they asked

We went out for sushi our favorite. We made a mini stop at Josh’s mothers house. We left and Josh started to drive the opposite way he usual does to take the highway I didn’t say anything I figured he had to stop somewhere so he continues to drive and he signals into the cvs parking lot Josh says to me ” I think that the powder Brianna gave us is leaking in the truck” so he pulls into the cvs parking lot and keeps driving I said to myself there are a zillion parking spots why is he still driving. So he pulls into kohls parking lot in a strangely specific spot still not thinking anything he gets out of the car goes to the truck comes back I asked if everything was fixed he said yea no problems. I look at him he looks very nervous, I asked what was wrong and he says ” you know this is the exact spot that we meet I said no I’m pretty sure it was over there after going back and forth he says “you know that ring you have on your finger you’ve been wearing it to long” he pulls out the zales box my ring came in. Now I’m sitting there thinking oh my god he’s breaking up with me he wants the ring back. He opens the box and it’s an amazing ring I looked at him looked at the ring and he asked ” will you marry me” I had no words for a good 5 minutes when it sank in I said yes and giggled for like 2 hours. We are getting married on 4/16/16 we will be together 6 years on that day.

Image 1 of Sarah and Joshua

Image 2 of Sarah and Joshua