Sarah and Joshua

How We Met

We met through our families. My youngest sister and Josh’s niece have been best friends since they were young kids. Our families became close over the years and one summer Josh asked me out. Even though our families had known each other, we had never met…..

I ended up going out with him and after one time of meeting, we decided to take a trip to India together. The rest is history…..

how they asked

Josh proposed on Saturday, June 13, 2015. I had been at the salon in the morning with my sister because it was your middle school graduation the next day. We got our hair and nails done. I was almost done when my mom told me I should get my makeup done before dinner. I was a bit confused and refused, but she insisted and she told me she had already paid for it.

After getting my makeup done, I tried to go back to my parent’s house to go hang out with my sister before dinner but I received a text from Josh that his dad had to take an emergency business trip and he wanted to give me my birthday present before he left.

I arrived back at Josh’s parent’s house, changed into a dress and Josh led me toward his dad’s library where he was supposedly waiting. As we turned the corner to the staircase, I began hearing a string quartet playing our song ‘Home’ and saw hundreds of sunflowers displayed all over the balcony.

I was speechless and so happy.

Our families were waiting downstairs to congratulate us and go out to a celebratory meal which Josh planned.

Image 1 of Sarah and Joshua

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