Sarah and Josh

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How We Met

If we’re going all the way to the beginning, Josh and I “met” at R&R Grill in Chapel Hill. I had a friend from out of state visiting and turned to a random person at the bar to take our picture. The person I asked conditioned his help on me taking a picture of his group. After the pictures were taken, the guy said: “You’re in law school, right?” I was but had no idea how he knew that. Josh introduced himself and explained that he was working as a Regional Director for Kaplan Bar Prep and often had a table set up in the rotunda of our law school.

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Turns out my attempts to avoid eye contact with anyone trying to sell something in the rotunda had not been that subtle and he still has fun making fun of me for it.Shortly after we met at R&R, Josh hinted to his lead student representative for Kaplan that I would be a good addition to the team. I became a Kaplan student representative. After about a year, we began to hang out as friends outside of the law school.

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Josh is never one to be shy or short with his words and there were several days where we were so caught up with our conversations that we didn’t realize it was time for the restaurant to close. I felt immediately comfortable with Josh and could not stop smiling around him even if I tried. For our first “official” date, I asked Josh to go to barrister’s ball (law school prom) with me.

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Josh didn’t just show up to the prom, he went all in. He and I danced the entire night. He twirled, dipped, and even flipped me across the dance floor. From that night on, no day has been complete without getting to spend some portion of it together.

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how they asked

Our proposal story started with the perfect Valentine’s gift. It was a complete surprise and like something out of a movie. At the time, I was working as a Staff Attorney with the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and regularly collaborated with the Compass Center, Orange County’s domestic violence agency. For Valentine’s Day, Josh surprised me with two tickets to the Compass Center’s annual art auction – an event I’d been wanting to go to for years.

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We had a fantastic night and Josh quickly found his way to the only auction table with non-art items being auctioned off. After looking at sports memorabilia and game tickets, he bid on and won a private flight with a local pilot! Over the next few months, Josh coordinated a date with the pilot and we made plans to use the private flight for a day trip to Ocracoke. On June 3rd, we met Dan, the pilot, at RDU and loaded into his small plane. Dan flew us across the state to Kitty Hawk and then down the coast of the Outer Banks.

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It was sunny and gorgeous for the whole ride. We landed in Ocracoke just in time to get lunch at a local’s spot then found a golf cart to start exploring the island . We stumbled across an arts festival where we were able to catch some live music before seeing the lighthouse. Josh then drove us to Springers Point, a nature trail that leads to a remote beach on the island. We had the beach nearly to ourselves to enjoy the views. Josh pretended to be looking for his camera only to surprise me with the ring and his proposal. After lot’s of hugs and calls to family, we toasted our new adventure at Zillie’s before flying off into the sunset to return home. It was a whirlwind day topped with the best surprise possible.

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