Sarah and Josh

How We Met

Like any typical millennial, we actually met on a dating app- Bumble. This cute, army guy named Josh responded to me and ended up asking me on a date. He had just moved to Atlanta and didn’t really know anyone. He seemed nice and was very attractive so sure, why not? He reserved dinner for us at Taverna Buckhead and scheduled a painting class for us. I accidentally parked in a cash-only parking lot and sweet Josh paid for my parking as soon as he noticed I didn’t have cash and didn’t mean to park there. Color me impressed. The night went well with only a few occasional awkward first date moments… it went so well that we continued the date on to get milkshakes after painting. We laughed and enjoyed every moment together. Oh yeah, at this point I definitely could see the major potential.

Sarah and Josh's Engagement in Zion National Park

How They Asked

Josh is in the army and deployed to Afghanistan in 2019. Those 6 months were difficult. I cried all the time. I worried all the time. Every day I was worried that he would never come home. But he did come home and that was the best day of my life. Seeing him come off the Hartsfield Jackson escalators, the world really did stop. I guess it didn’t stop but it certainly felt like it! Josh and I spent all of December together traveling to see my family, his family, and get some alone time out west as well. In total, we recently traveled to and/or through 16 different states in 1 month.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Zion National Park

Josh and I had talked about marriage and he told me he would propose so I stayed on my toes constantly wondering when he would get down on one knee. I mean, we had looked at rings his first week home! Then, while visiting Las Vegas we drove to Zion National Park to go on a hike. We love hiking and exercising in general together. That morning Josh had dressed a little too nice, so I definitely had my suspicions. We hiked a mile to The Canyon Overlook. It was absolutely breathtaking! Of course, Josh and I wanted pictures of the landscape and each other. Josh asked a guy near us to take pictures for us and then he started rambling about dinner reservations and what we were doing the next day.

Meanwhile, in my head, I’m a bit disappointed because I figured it wasn’t going to happen anymore. I was very wrong! Just as I was telling Josh to get his brand new iPhone 11 Promax (or whatever its called) back from this stranger he said something and then I blacked out just about and have no idea what he asked or said but I do remember him pulling a ring box out of his pocket and getting down on one knee!! I cried happy tears and said yes (I assume he asked me to marry him)! Then I found out this stranger was someone Josh had found prior to take all of our pictures! That part completely surprised me. It was the absolute best day ever!!! That is, until November 14th, 2020 comes around!

Sarah's Proposal in Zion National Park

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