Sarah and Joseph

How We Met

I first saw Joseph when I was visiting my aunt and uncle with my family. He was living with them at the time, and my uncle had already told me plenty about the cute boy residing in their basement. Our first conversation can hardly be counted as a conversation at all. Joseph introduced himself to my mom, sister, and I, and then we went our separate ways and didn’t speak another word to each other. Apparently my mom and my aunt weren’t satisfied with this brief interaction and decided to take matters into their own hands. They set us up on a blind date scheduled on my birthday. After a few arguments over the phone with my mom, I reluctantly cancelled all my plans with my friends and agreed to go. I assume Joseph went through a similar process with my aunt.

The date was awful. Joseph and I have since agreed that it’s one of the most awkward dates either of us has every been on. Neither one of us was trying to hide how much we didn’t want to be there, and we were accompanied by my aunt and uncle and my sister with one of his friends. We hiked to a waterfall near where I lived at the time called Stewart Falls. It was a great hike and we managed to make small talk the entire time, but we were both just counting down the minutes until we could leave and never have to interact with each other again.

Image 1 of Sarah and Joseph

In the weeks following that date, we had all but forgotten about each other – he hadn’t even asked for my number. I certainly never expected to hear from him again, but one day (after plenty of pressuring from my aunt) he gave in and messaged me on Facebook. In the message, he basically apologized for not talking to me and graciously offered me his phone number if I had the desire to text him. My roommates and I all gawked at the message for a few minutes before calling upon all the experience and knowledge we had gathered from our short time spent in the dating world to put a response together. He didn’t respond until the next day. I didn’t respond until the day after that. And that’s how our ‘conversations’ went for the next couple weeks.

Then I received word via my mom that Joseph had been invited to our family party at a local amusement park. “He wants to see you again so we invited him to come along!” Joseph had gotten a similar talk from my aunt. “She wants to see you again so she asked if you would come.” Both statements were far from the truth but they accomplished their intended purpose and soon Joseph and I were once again trying to make small talk as we found ourselves thrown into another awkward dating situation. In a surprising turn of events, I didn’t have the worst time ever. I actually had fun.

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Joseph must have had fun too because he asked me on a real date a couple weeks later. We went into the mountains, cut down a tree, made a fire, and sat around eating tinfoil dinners and listening to music. That was the first time we started to really get to know each other and everything just seemed to fall in place after that. We started seeing each other more and more, and now here we are.

how they asked

For a couple weeks, Joseph and I had been talking about taking a four wheeler up to one of our favorite places, Cascade Springs. This is the place we had our first kiss. It’s a park up in the mountains with clear spring water, waterfalls, boardwalks, bridges, and a big gazebo. At night you can see the stars perfectly and there’s a great view of the city lights in the valley below on the drive up to the park. It was a Saturday when we decided to drive up there.

I layered up with fleece-lined stockings, leggings, pants, and a couple jackets to keep out the cold. We drove to the base of the road that leads to the springs in Joseph’s dad’s truck. I love riding in it because I can sit right next to him and snuggle with him while we drive. We didn’t waste any time unloading the four wheeler and speeding up the mountain once we got there. We got there and the springs were even more beautiful with the remnants of this winter’s snow layered on the ground. We started walking around and stopped to take a couple pictures. We turned a corner and I saw the most perfect scene in front of us. There was a red bridge over a waterfall with a pretty tree in the background. I quickly pulled out my phone to take a picture. As the camera came in to focus, I noticed some things hanging in the tree. I mentioned this to Joseph and ran up the path to get a closer look.

When I got there, I saw that the mysterious objects dangling from the limbs of the tree were pictures. Pictures of us! I turned to Joseph and asked “Did you put these here??” He said he had and then casually dropped his gaze to the bridge railing. I followed his eyes and saw a collection of ring boxes lined up, all different shapes and sizes. I looked at Joseph for a minute then back at the boxes. “Open them,” he said. I started opening them one by one. Inside each one was a cute note he had written to me. They said things like “I can’t wait to be with you forever,” and “you are amazing,” and adorable little things like that. When I got to the big fancy box in the middle, my heart was pounding. I had a pretty good idea of what was happening. I opened the box and inside was another note. I pulled it out and a ring came out.

Image 3 of Sarah and Joseph

After just one glance at the ring, my heart sank. It was something I never would have picked for myself. It wasn’t my style at all and I didn’t really like it. I hooked it to one of my fingers and read the note. It was equally as mushy and lovey as the other ones, and brought a smile to my face, but I still kept thinking about that ring. I know the ring itself doesn’t matter as much as what it means, and I felt bad for feeling a little disappointed. Then I heard Joseph’s voice behind me, “I couldn’t get the one I know you wanted so I just got this one instead.” I turned to him ready to tell him it was ok and I actually liked it a lot, but my heart stopped as I caught sight of him. He was down on one knee holding a box with the perfect ring in it.

“Sarah, will you marry me?” It was that moment that every girl dreams of, except better than I could ever dream. I couldn’t believe it was happening. A knot had risen in my throat so big I couldn’t get any words out. I just squeaked out a little “mmm-hmm” and hugged him as tight as I could. He laughed and looked up at me then slid the ring onto my finger. We laughed, hugged, kissed, and took some pictures. Everything was perfect and I’ve never been happier in my entire life.

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