Sarah and Jordon

How We Met

Jordon and I met in good old Platteville. I was out with my roommates before the Fall Semester had started. My roommate ran into a friend of hers that happened to also be a friend of Jordon’s. I went over to see what she was doing and Jordon introduced himself (I still joke to see if he remembers.) After we finished our conversation, he asked for my number and I put it in his phone…under some random name. Luckily he didn’t have many contacts in his trusty flip phone at the time and was able to find my number the next day. Jordon asked me out on a date where we ate pizza and cheesy bread at the one and only Pizza Hut (we were still broke college students.) We continued to hang out and have made so many great memories together the past 4 years!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fort Collins,CO

Proposal Ideas Fort Collins,CO

how they asked

Jordon proposed while on our first big vacation together to Colorado. We were going out to visit my best friend Christine. After a day of doing some touristy things we all decided to get some Subway for dinner and go have a relaxing picnic near the mountains. After we ate, Christine thought it would be a great idea to go for a little walk. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE heights/cliffs/any sort of scary experience. This walk was on some terrifying rocks along a large water reservoir. I was a nervous wreck.

We decided to turn around and I remember Jordon just telling me to just calm down and look around. When I was finally calm and ready to get back to our picnic table, I turned around and then Jordon got down on one knee! I was already surprised, but what was even more special was the fact that he had planned it with my best friend. She was there to take photos and celebrate with us afterwards.

We cannot wait to start a new journey together as husband and wife!