Sarah and Jon

How We Met

Jon and I met on March 22nd, 2014 at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. Jon was visiting his high school friend, Schyler, who just happened to live right next door and dates my college roommate Ashley. The boys decided to come over and hang out. I ended up beating Jon in a friendly game of Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 so he knew instantly that he needed to get to know me better. A few days later we went on our first date to Fulton Brewery in Minneapolis, which is where our love story begins.

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how they asked

Jon and I spent our first Valentine’s Day together watching his friend Schyler play his last collegiate hockey game that Jon would be able to see. I’m not a huge proponent of Valentine’s Day so I didn’t mind that we went to a hockey game. However, Jon promised me that he would make it up to me and we would celebrate Valentine’s Day a different day. That day happened to be September 6th, 2015. Jon told me to get dressed up and meet him at his old house on the U of M’s campus. I show up right on time and Jon is nowhere to be found so I wait a bit and then decide to call him. He answers and tells me that he’s not actually going to meet me. Instead, I should take a look in my glove compartment, have fun, and I’ll see him soon. Inside my glove box was clue #1. Jon had me go on a little scavenger hunt to places that meant something to us. The final stop brought me to Fulton Brewery where we went on our first date. It was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend so Fulton was closed. Or so I thought. Jon had prepared a beautiful candlelight dinner for two consisting of Chipotle (my favorite) on his mom’s china and beer. After a little talking and eating, Jon had me guess which beer I was drinking so I rattled off a few names that I knew. After I had exhausted all of my answers, he told me that it is actually a new brew and that I should look on the chalkboard to see the name of it. I turned around to see Will You Marry Me, Sarah – Brown Ale scrawled across the menu and turned back around to see Jon on one knee. Little did I know, our friends and family were waiting for us back at my house to celebrate.

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Special Thanks

Ian Goldsmith
 | Fulton Brewery